Big Bad Wolf

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Big Bad Wolf

Pack Mentality

Kamen, leader of the werewolf pack, wants Steve. Steve isn't sure he likes that idea, and neither is the pack, who believe the whole point of an alpha wolf is to breed. But Kamen always gets what he wants...

If you love arrogant, dominant romantic heroes who sweep their love-interest off their feet despite their half-hearted timid protests, then this is the book for you. I don't, and - because I don't - I found Kamen to be an insufferable bastard, and Steve to be a spineless wuss. But I can see that if you had a kink for that sort of dynamic then the book would be much more enjoyable. It is well written, sweeps along at an exciting pace, and contains better sex scenes and more believable werewolves than I've read in most other books of this kind. Well worth the price.

Book Blurb for Big Bad Wolf

Steve has lost his roommate and his house and figures life can't get any more strange. At least until the alpha of his local werewolf pack takes more than a passing interest in him. Then Steve decides that things can go weird, and hot, in a hurry.

Kamen loves the day-to-day business of running his pack, but he's lonely and bored, and Steve smells like the perfect mate. Danger strikes fast when the two of them get together, when the pack turns on Kamen, challenging his alpha status, and his love for Steve. Is Kamen enough of a big, bad wolf to keep them safe?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 3.00