Triple X

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Triple X

Triple X is an ambitious and important story. Jordan and Abby are medical researchers who discover an alteration in human genetics due to exposure to a nationwide viral epidemic. There has been slow response by the government to the beginnings of the epidemic and one consequence has been a high number of deaths; most families have known loss. Someone has taken the death toll even further by successfully infecting many members of the legislature plus the White House. The president dies and a lower level secretary who is his own brand of Christian takes over. Medical research focused on reproduction has been banned by new legislation along with infringements on many personal freedoms. Jordan and Abby are eventually fired for fear of the general public being informed of the implications of the researchers' findings. The popular press goes along with the government's muzzling. Jordan, Abby, and their new partner, Edan, must examine their hearts and summon all of their courage to find creative ways to let the public know both about the real dealings of the U.S. government and to get solid information to the public about their post-viral ability to reproduce.

Jordan is adorable, kind hearted, and sensitive to others-all of what women say they want. Edan is the charismatic leader who is easy to fall for but wait until you read what causes he supports. Surprising and very interesting. Abby is a very intelligent, loving heroine with a real woman's curves.

This is a political novel that is entertaining on every page. It takes a serious medical what-if and extrapolates consequences for the U.S. if government is run as an oligarchy instead of as a democratic organ. Consequences on a personal level are examined, first, as millions of families are burying loved ones and, then, second, as individuals fall in love. If people aren't free to love whomever they choose and are persecuted for not fitting a presumed norm then what kind of country have we created not just at present but for future generations? The author's voice and her language are plain but the social themes she tackled are complex and important.

Special Notes:

M‚nage, one playfully mild bondage scene

Book Blurb for Triple X

After losing her mother to The Reaper, the last thing Abby Conner wants to do is worry about her job. But when infertility rates begin to rise, she is forced to wonder--did the avian flu do something to our DNA? Late hours in the lab with her closest friend Jordan lead to a relationship she never expected. Especially when Jordan introduces her to Edan, his friend and polyamory activist. Together, the three of them combat an oppressive government and a medical mystery to create hope and love in the midst of fear. But can Abby fight her own fears and learn to love two men?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.00