The Edge

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The Edge

Two police detectives fall in love. One is a young man with an undesirable past consisting of a murdered lover and a wealthy relative who won't stop trying to control his life. In his new job location his fellow officers already know about the horrible attack on Tyler and his old partner. And it appears that absolutely everyone knows that he's gay. So much for starting a new life. The second man has battled racist behavior all his life. He's known as a man of high integrity. It's hard not to respect him. When Tyler Baker and the formidable Detective Paytah are forced to become partners they are each sure it's never going to work out.

Their first case offers no easy answers for why individuals are hurling themselves off building rooftops. There are extremely few clues either. While the detectives work hard to stop the murderer, people continue to die. Detective Paytah feels as though he, too, is falling from a rooftop; he never imagined that it was possible to fall so hard for another human being. He's in love with his male work partner; Detective Paytah is very nervous but intrigued. Before the story ends, each man has saved the other's life. In the end, each man will have saved the other in matters of love.

The Edge is a clever, logical detective story. Tension in the plot and romantic subplot stays strong and consistent. Pacing is excellent. The two main characters are alive with interesting details about class and ethnicity. The author really took her time to tell an interesting murder mystery complete with a terrific plot twist you won't want to miss. And, best of all, she took lots of story time to show readers classic falling-in-love drama.

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Book Blurb for The Edge

Detective Paytah has spent his entire life fighting to overcome ignorance and gain acceptance in a world too quick to judge. Always willing to take on any challenge, the tough-as-nails Native American has never shied away from the truth. Until he meets Tyler Baker, that is.

Tyler represents everything that Paytah hates; the blond haired blue-eyed gay detective with a penchant for bending the rules was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a champagne glass in his hand.

When Paytah is assigned to work with Tyler he anticipates that the partnership will be difficult. After all, working high profile serial murder cases are always challenging. But, as the case of the decade unravels, so does his ability to control his attraction and to deny his own needs.

This book by J.J. Massa has it all-passion, desire, intrigue, and an unforgettable ending that promises to take you to The Edge.

SexualContent : (Ex) Extremely Sensual

Book Length : 172 pages

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.00