Killing the Rabbit

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Killing the Rabbit

A Japanese pharmaceutical corporation discovered an odd ability in women research subjects which if allowed to follow its natural course will wreck future mega-profits. The Forecaster, a Japanese working in Harare, goes to a bar to contract with The Irishman to have a hitman, an Australian who speaks Cantonese, kill the women before they reproduce and pass on their ability. Murders ensue. Meanwhile, Hannie, an Australian, has gotten herself a large film grant by stealing someone else's work. She gifts herself a trip to Paris and believed she was in love with the guy who swindled $30,000 of the grant money from her. Mosson Ferret, Japanese-Australian, was in film school with Hannie years ago. It's his work that she has stolen but he doesn't know that when he, representing the Independent Film Foundation, arrives to confront her about the missing money. Separately, each is scheming to remedy injured pride and gain professional recognition. Together, they try to finish Hannie's documentary about The Rabbit Women. Together, they inch closer to murder-filled truth, closer to personal truths, and try very hard to stay alive.

Is it possible for a mercenary to ever have a normal life evidenced by a wife he gets to love and children he gets to raise? Probably not. How about being able to get out of the business one day and die of old age? Not. And, yet, these professional killers cannot turn off or totally kill their own need for love.

The existence of danger isn't yet known to the already fearful, self-conscience lovers when they allow themselves to touch, to kiss, to see each other naked. Then,

He inhaled deeply, taking in the sharp scent of her satisfaction. The catch of grief in his chest had softened and, for the first time since his mother's death, Mosson breathed deeply, filling his lungs with the sweet air of Hannie's laughter.

Neither Mosson or Hannie believed it was possible for someone to cross the chasm that strands each on the edges of society. Murderous challenges were in their immediate future. And, yet, the need for love remained.

I recommend this book to all suspense lovers and give it Reviewer Recommended Top Pick status.

Book Blurb for Killing the Rabbit

Murder is the main attraction in this dark and wickedly comic new thriller that follows a young indie filmmaker on her way to fame, fortune, and a shoot-out to the death.

Hannie Reynard landed every aspiring filmmaker's dream: a hefty grant to make her documentary Freaks or Frauds. But the groundbreaking film that was supposed to launch Hannie's career may kill her first. Blowing the grant money on a lost weekend in Paris was bad enough, but now the "stars" of her film-women who share a unique genetic trait-have stopped talking.and started disappearing.

Coupled with a burned-out ex-classmate hitching his own hopes for a comeback to her project, Hannie finds herself the unlikely co-star of a movie that will never be made if a very powerful someone has anything to say about it. For Hannie is already in the crosshairs of his chief "cameraman"-a ruthlessly unconventional hit man who never misses a lethal shot.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 5.00