Iridescent Invasion

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Iridescent Invasion

Kasee Adair has just moved from Virginia to Coyote Bluff, Arizona after divorce. Immediately after arriving, she closes on her first home she proudly owns alone. Kasee has great hopes for her future as an independent woman and as a writer of mystery stories. But the very first night in her new home, all the desert animals are behaving strangely. Large groups are surrounding the house, predators and prey alike. Each animal has eyes that flash a rainbow of colors and they, all, are staring intensely at Kasee.

What happens next involves extraterrestrial visitors.

It is always a brave new adventure when a writer incorporates sci-fi or supernormal elements in what is, otherwise, a story about a woman's life. As the story suggests, common issues in women's lives are recovery after divorce, establishing independence in a social environment that favors coupledom, and the bedrock romance question of whether we, women, can ever find true love and happiness. Now, add people from another planet. The issues hold and that's the beauty of Iridescent Invasion. But, aliens aside, the author must convince us of the protagonist's ability to think for herself and stand up for herself. Otherwise, there is no heroism. Questionably, as danger increases and the conflict intensifies (but doesn't quite peak) Kasee leaves a stranger-the sheriff who isn't behaving normally at that point---alone in her living room, puts on her nightgown as usual, and goes to bed. Readers will most likely forgive the excuse to get us to the subsequent smokin' hot sex scenes.

There were interesting details about the protagonist's decisionmaking and her feelings throughout; these were the backbone of the story. And, the author chose well again with the smart contrast between the husband who barely cared in Kasee's past and the new lover who is intensely-focused on her---with iridescent eyes.

Special Notes: Explicit sex scene. 18 and over.

Upcoming under the pseudonym Sapphire Phelan is the erotic fantasy, "Soul Seduction," in Forbidden Love: Bad Boys journal by Under the Moon.

Book Blurb for Iridescent Invasion

What do you do when aliens invade your planet?

Why, fall in love with one, have hot sex with him, and save the world!

Kasee Adair,Ž“s making lots of changes. Newly divorced, she,Ž“s just moved to Coyote Bluffs, Arizona, to become a writer. She had no idea just how much her life would change, though.

Iridescent-hued and parasitical, the aliens came to Earth, looking for a new home and new bodies to inhabit.

One wanted more, though. He wanted Kasee. He wanted her love.

Together they would discover an erotic love so deep that they would be able to transcend worlds with it while they fought the invasion of her planet.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 3.00