Destiny's Warrior

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Destiny's Warrior

Book 2

Humans and fairies accidentally encounter each other once in a great, great while. And that is the initial explanation for our story. Nakkole's mother, the beautiful Abunda, insists that sweet, young Nakkole is the best emissary to go into the human world and gently apprise Gavin McCain, a Scottish lord, that he is half fairy:

Use your compassion, Nakkole. I admit, it's a gift of yours I never thought valuable---until now. You'll have the sensitivity your prince will need in order to understand all of this. You will consider his feelings as you do your lost travelers here in the forest, and therefore will know the right way to tell him all he needs to know.

Gavin has been raised to reject the idea of non-human folk so it's going to be a difficult task. To make matters worse, she and her accompanying sister better hurry because Gavin's evil sister now knows where he is and she wants very much to kill him so that she can gain power over the land of fairy. Nakkole and Gavin have magical effects on each other as soon as they meet. Budding love and a lot of courage help them overcome many dangers on the way back to Fairy. Once there, Gavin needs to learn to control his fairy talents in a hurry plus get over all that childhood anger just because his parents weren't around to love him. The evil sister and her army are coming.

Saving the day has everything to do with Nakkole's youthful determination and devotion to family. Readers will love her all the way through. Gavin is hunky but my heart was won by his father, the fairy king and by his mother, the valiant human mother. Nothing came easy for our heroes so there is plenty to feed both heart and mind.

It was great to have a story heavy with heroes and heroines. The author's ability to handle such a large cast was enviable. Everybody is ready to lay down life itself for the love of future generations, human and fairy. This is a story where Good has flaws and Evil isn't just simply evil and unworthy of our sympathy. It would be great if for once Good vanquished Evil forever but until then Destiny's Warrior will light your heart's fire.

Book Blurb for Destiny's Warrior

Laird Gavin McCain, heir to the throne of fae, was raised as a human in order to preserve his life. Now, with his location discovered, Nakkole, a female guardian, is sent to protect him—and return him to the home he never knew… But Gavin was raised not to believe in such things, and Nakkole must come to his aid in disguise. Convincing him of his dormant faery powers should prove a challenging task—especially when the very air seems clouded by the undeniable attraction they feel for each other. And when an attempt on his life lands Gavin in a dream-like world, they discover their destinies entwined. While he must save the kingdom, she carries its future…

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.00