Nikki is experiencing second life exuberance having survived her car being struck by a train. She's determined to live every moment fully from now on and go after what she wants. In this moment, Nikki wants and goes after a handsome bartender. Two things are unknown to her about the stranger: he's an undercover cop and he is strongly attracted to her as well. She and he are thrown together for one amazing sexual fling with no expectation of seeing each other again. Unknown to him before he disappears is Nikki's intention to become a police officer. She's a trainee. Of course, Nikki and Taylor meet up again. Sharp attraction between them only deepens just as each of them needs to keep professional distance and maintain high integrity. It's a saucy situation that's sure to have readers standing at attention.

This is light reading with a strong heroine, manly-man hero, good lively plotting, and raw sex scenes. Derailed excelled at showing sexual attraction and/or lust in almost every scene. Sex equals romance; romance equals sex with no laws to enforce deeper emotional development. Emotional exposition is busted since it never goes beyond our thorough knowledge of how Taylor and Nikki feel about their sexual needs and their sexual attraction. And that might be your preferred type of ammo. The second big sex scene had handcuffs and excellent timing to arrest it from pure tactical description. Stay alert for some mid-story fun and further investigations. Delightfully, the abduction game for the police trainees left everybody suspect.

Special Notice: Noteworthy and fine book cover illustration by Patricia Foltz.

Book Blurb for Derailed

Fourteen months ago, Nikki Steele's car was hit by a train.

She survived.

Completely healed and her life on a new track, Nikki is determined to live life to the extreme, not wasting a single minute. But there is one thing she approaches with caution...Taylor Crase. Her caution is a good thing. She doesn't have any idea who she's dealing with. One night of passion lets her touch what life is really about. Too bad Taylor disappeared without a trace. When she finds him again and sees who he really is...Nikki is Derailed.

Taylor Crase has been watching Nikki from his place behind the bar. Working undercover, he can't act on his attraction to her. Not just because she's a sexy little number, either. He honestly likes her. When the drug bust goes down in this little bar, Taylor has no choice but to drag her out of the melee. He has no idea how that one night would change his life, make him disregard all the rules, and knock him completely off track.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.00