You Can't Plan Love

You Can’t Plan Love by Synithia Williams is, for the most part, a delightsome and entertaining read that any romance lover will enjoy. The author does a wonderful balance of writing an interesting love triangle with elements of suspense. Kenyatta is a complex, yet, relatable heroine that is having a tough time choosing between the safe reliable man that she believes that she should marry. Malcolm is her super sexy boss that stirs her passionate side but is dangerous for her heart. Kenyatta and Malcolm have an undeniable chemistry that will leave the reader wishing for a relationship as passionate as this couple displays. This was a perfectly lovely first novel. I look forward to reading more from the author.

Book Blurb for You Can't Plan Love

Knowing firsthand the heartbreak that comes when desire and emotion rule a relationship, Kenyatta Copeland assumes marrying Brad Johnson will lead to a safe and secure life. But as much as she believes she can plan her future, it’s hard to ignore the way her boss, Malcolm Patterson, ignites her passions with just one look.

After Malcolm learns of her engagement, he makes a play for her heart and reminds her that passion between a man and a woman has its perks… but also its costs. When Brad confirms his suspicion that there’s more than work between Kenyatta and Malcolm, he devises a sinister plan to keep Kenyatta by his side.

Torn between her promise to marry Brad and her irrepressible longing for Malcolm, Kenyatta must decide if she can live her life in a passionless marriage of convenience or once again trust her heart. Yet Brad does not intend to let her go easily, and by the time she realizes the depths of his treachery, it may be too late.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00