You are Mine

Brian and Caroline are close to having a dream life together: are in love with their soul mate, flourishing careers and a possible new addition to their family. That is if they can finally be rid of Alexander Brickman, international criminal extraordinaire and Caroline's stalker; he is still as obsessed with her as he was before and is willing to do whatever it takes to finally make her his. Not so willing to let the sociopath control another aspect of their life Brian and Caroline have constructed their own plant to stop Brickman for good. This high stakes battle of wills will see this couple pushed to their limits. Will Caroline and Brian finally be able to put their lives first? Or will Brickman succeed in tearing the couple a part and finally getting the woman that he has been his obsession?

You Are Mine is a pleasurable, slightly flawed sequel to At Last. I liked the dynamic between Brian and Caroline; they are smart and darling couple that quickly caught me up in their story and did not let me go until the final page. I also really enjoyed the way that she weaved together such a large cast of characters with such ease without sacrificing personality and character development. The plot had promise but because of the disjointed pacing of the story (slow at certain points and rushed in others) I could not settle into the story at all; this is one of the few times that I wished a book was longer. The lackluster ending would have benefited much better if it had more time to play out. It felt rushed and slapped together instead of coming together in a much more organic way. Despite these issues You Are Mine is a delightful read that will more than satisfy fans of Ms. Riley and should garner her a few new fans.

As it is a sequel I would recommend that you read the first just for continuity, but there is enough background information given in this book that you may not feel too left out. It is a very good series written by an insanely talent writer who I hope continues

Book Blurb for You are Mine

Caroline and Brian have been in love with one another almost from the second they met two years ago. Their life together is wonderful: they know without a doubt that they belong together; her career as an artist has taken off dramatically; his as the Chief Technology Officer and founder of an integrated marketing firm can only get better, and together they are ready to build a family.

Their life would be as close to perfect as one can get if not for Alexander Brickman. Drug lord, arms merchant, and international fugitive, Brickman has been in their lives so long that he’d practically gone on their first date with them. He wants Caroline, and has from the first moment he saw her. Accustomed to getting what he wants, he will stop at nothing to have her. He believes he’s finally come up with the perfect solution to accomplish his goal and is ready to put that plan into action.

Caroline and Brian are not so willing to go down that easy, however, and they’ve got plans of their own to not only finally catch the madman who has striven to make their lives hell, but also to make sure he never bothers them, or anyone else, again. Who will win this high stakes battle -- one that touches the tranquil and tropical shores of Procida Island, Italy and the hot beaches of Sonora, Mexico, only to be decided in the trenches on the beautiful American Mackinac Island? Will Brickman meet his Waterloo, or will Caroline and Brian get the nearly perfect life they so desperately crave?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00