Erotica for Women

Are you looking for something to read that will satiate that overwhelming craving for well- written erotica for women? Then look no further because Voracious is the perfect collection of tales that will have you savoring each tale as if it were the most well-crafted piece of salted caramel around. These stories are neither boring or safe. This collection will push pass any sensual boundaries that you did not know that you even had. And you will be the better for it.

Voracious: Erotica for Women makes the perfect purse sized gift the keeps you endlessly entertained whether you are waiting on line for the bus or trying to get in a few pages before bedtime, you will no doubt enjoy the time you spent with the latest anthology from editrix extraordinaire Violet Blue. While I really enjoyed the entire anthology I have to say “Voice of Angel” by Teresa Noelle Roberts and struck a cord with me because I have always wanted a man to sing to me. "Call Me" by Kristina Wright was both unexpectedly hilarious and incredibly sensuous. I had an experience like this but it did not even remotely end up the same way as this story does. Violet Blue promises that "Voracious will leave you wanting more" and she more than exceeded my expectations. I just love when people keep their promises!

Book Blurb for Voracious

All steamed up and nothing to read? Voracious: Erotica for Women opens a Pandora’s box of pleasures, with scorching encounters, dreamy partners, and heart-pounding thrills that won’t put a run in your fishnets (and a few that will). In Teresa Noelle Roberts’ ?Voice of an Angel,” an opera costumer helplessly infatuated with a countertenor ? a man who sings a female part in baroque opera ?makes interesting discoveries as she measures his inseam. In Susie Hara’s ?Puffy Lips,” a refined woman indulges her primitive urge to take what she wants from a modern-day caveman in a dark alley. Kathleen Bradean’s ?Chill” describes the lengths to which the heroine will go to enact her unusual, icy fetish at an exclusive ?spa.” ?Kink was the candy coating that made sex tastier,” she explains. ?Fetish was sweet dark chocolate, straight up.” Stylishly edited by sex guru Violet Blue, these edgy erotic treats showcase the most daring, best-written erotica available. And, like a gorgeous lover, it complements any bedroom decor.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 5.00