To Sir With Lust

To Sir With Lust is an amusing and occasionally raunchy erotic romance that is surprisingly sweet and sexy at the same time. Kendra is a strong, opinionated and confident young woman who enjoys her sexuality and the men that she chooses to be with. Ray Simmons is an intelligent, kind- hearted hero who oozes sex appeal. I liked the dynamic between both characters. Kendra can be a divisive character who is too aggressive for some but I thought that this trait was quite refreshing to read. I liked that she unabashedly went after want she wanted. And Ray is no pushover; he gives as well as he gets and much more. One of the only problems that I had with the story was that the relationship was a little rushed for my taste, but it is still a very sweet ending.

Kendra Phelps is hot for her professor. Professor Ray Simmons is everything that she wants in a man: smart, funny, and drop dead sexy. She is done fantasizing about him during class and is willing to do anything to make those wet hot dreams a reality. Ray, on the other hand, has doubts about entering into a relationship with Kendra. While he is sexually attracted to the young woman he knows that as her professor there a professionally boundaries that he will be crossing to be with her that may cause harm to his career. As their emotions begin to spiral out of control, could their relationship end up being more than they intended?

Book Blurb for To Sir With Lust

When Ray Simmons first notices sultry Kendra Phelps in his class, he is torn between his professional ethics about dating a student and his overwhelming attraction to the sexy coed.

Kendra, on the other hand, has no such dilemma. She's hot for the handsome professor and is determined to seduce him.

When libido triumphs over conscience, the resulting encounter brings on a chemical explosion that changes both their lives forever. (50 Pages)

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.00