The Wanting

D'Shar Men

The Wanting by Shyla Colt is muddled with too many good ideas that end up going nowhere. It cannot decide if it wants to be sci-fi/ revenge thriller/erotic romance and kind of falls flat on all three. The structure of the story is disjointed and confusing. The shifts in time were also confusing, so much so that I actually had to stop reading and then re-read the previous passage so that I could understand the story. Phelan and the D’Shar are supposed to be aliens from another galaxy but the way that she describes some of his aggressive tendencies seems incongruent with an alien and more a werewolf or beast; his character needed to have been more focused and less the cliché good guy alpha with no real personality. From the way that the story was written it was almost as if Phelan was written as two different characters. The back story for the D’Shar is flimsy and is in woeful need of structure to make a bit of sense. Also, Zasha’s fears were warranted but I just felt that because her character is also not as solidly written she falls back on a contrived excuse for why she and Phelan cannot be together. She comes off as insecure and a whiner at times. What could have been an interesting story ends up being weighed down with too many structure problems with the story to enjoy as a whole.

Having said all that The Wanting does have its excellent moments: it contains a strong irrepressible heart that kept me reading and actually enjoying the plot in certain parts; the banter between the brothers was witty and delightful and I loved the relationship between Zasha and Taye. These relationships and the dialogue between the characters felt real and were the best parts of the story. The chemistry between Zasha and Phelan is wonderful and the sex scenes were scorching. Like I said before, there is a good story here with engaging aspects, but the story needs to be more focused. I will cautiously recommend this story to anyone who wants to try it out because I love interracial romance novels and welcome any new writer into my library. It is a quick read that you can easily get through on a rainy Saturday afternoon or commute home. The author has promise and I look forward to reading more from Shyla Colt.

Zasha is a woman who follows the rules. After watching her mother die right before her eyes When the D’Shar, an alien race from a nearby galaxy, come to earth pleading for a new home with humans she decides to dedicate her life to not only finding and bringing the monster to justice. Working with the alien race seems to be the perfect opportunity for her and her future- that is until she meets King Phelan of the D’Shar. He is everything that she wants but because of their differences and her seemingly brittle and forceful personality they struggle to form the bond that they so desperately crave. Can Zasha open up her heart to Phelan? Or will a dangerous man from both their pasts stop her before she has the chance to change?

Book Blurb for The Wanting

Phelan D’Shar knew agent Zasha Johnson was his mate the moment she walked into his classroom. At the time, her age and his position as her professor kept him from acting on his desires.

When the biological mating period known as The Wanting hits, it ignites a passion that neither can resist. Will the icy Zasha run from her feelings or embrace the man who melts her heart?

Be Warned: anal sex.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 3.50