The Rookie

I love interracial romance novels and try to makes sure that I read at least 4-5 new novels every few weeks to get my fix in.

I have to say that; overall, The Rookie by Dahlia Rose was a very good read. The story was well written, the sex scenes are hot, and the main characters are appealing and arresting. The level of detail that she provided for the story was so nuanced that one can easily become immersed in the story.

The chemistry between Kata, Patrick, and Brian was electric but I felt that by the end of the story Ms. Rose was more focused on Kata as an individual than the developing relationship between the threesome. While I love strong heroines this is still a romance novel and I would have liked a little more romance added to the story.

Kata is a strong, determined woman, with a tragic back story who triumphs over adversity. I love that she is open about her sexuality and easily opens her heart to both men without whining about what other people will think of her.

I loved Brian and Patrick. Their strong since of family, their job, and their woman is so one of the most endearing things about them.

Having said that, this is still a wonderful and quick read that I think many readers of interracial romance novels will appreciate. I look forward to reading more from this author.

After experiencing a tragic event as a teenager, Katjana Jordan decided to join the celebrated NYPD to make a positive impact on her community. After three years on the job Officer Katjana loves her job but is hungry to move onto the next level- becoming a detective.

When she becomes the first responder on a vicious murder she ends up reporting to Detective Patrick Rivers and Detective Brian O’Leary. They are impressed by her clear concise reporting and professional demeanor. They are even more impressed by her more obvious physical beauty.

The sexy and powerful duo come up with the perfect way for everyone involved to her what they want: they will sponsor her by offering their assistance in training her for the detective exams. In return she will become a third in their relationship. While she is at first insulted by the offer, she ultimately decides to go along with the plan when they make it crystal clear that she has an out when- and if- she chooses to leave.

As the three learn to find their dark pleasures satisfied in each other’s arms, they find that they are falling in developing stronger feelings outside of the bedroom that are encompassing everything that they thought really mattered to them. But when a common enemy sets his sights on destroying Kata the strength of their love is going to be put to the test.

Book Blurb for The Rookie

Officer Katjana Jordan knew she wanted to be a cop from the time she was a teenager. Nothing made her life more complete than putting on her uniform and heading in to her shift each day. Until she met Detective Patrick Rivers and Detective Brian O’Leary, two of New York’s finest in more ways than one. Handsome and drop-dead sexy, they gave her an offer that she would be foolish to refuse. They would be her trainers so she could take her detective exams and earn her gold shield. Both men had one more thing to offer--themselves and a relationship built for three. Kata was attracted to them both and found herself saying yes to a fantasy only few would dare to. In their arms she found passion that ignited her mind body and soul, and her world seemed like it was taking off in leaps and bounds. It only takes one little bump in the road to derail things. It came when she least expected it, and left her doubting the two men in her life. Will Kata end up losing the cops she was falling for and her career as well?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00