The Last Oracle

The Forbidden Tarot

Amara is a very special woman with very special powers. Since she was a young girl she has been trained to be the oracle of Avaris, she alone was destined to help her people in times of need. That is until a certain dark and evil force decimated her entire tribe and entrapped her in a magically protected tomb. She became his one and only oracle and slave, his to do with as he pleased. That is until she decided to fight back and escape from her dungeon to finally taste the freedom that had been denied to her for well over two millennia.

Max Griffin is a man who is haunted by past mistakes and present failures. His one dream is to have his latest invention the Icarus be his first success and he wants it badly. He will not let anyone stop him from obtaining his goal- even if it means that he has to desert a beautiful woman in the desert to do it. But when he learns that this woman and her entourage are in danger he feels enough compassion for them to take them as far as the nearest city so that they can be on their way. Little does he know that his act of compassion will cost him precious time but eventually his heart.

This is the third book in the Forbidden Tarot series and as someone who is new to both the series and the author it was not an unwelcome introduction. It was a light and easy read that left me pleased well after I had finished the book. While the story did have plot holes that may have been better understood if I had read the two previous books it was overall an entertaining read.

Amara is a strong-willed and intelligent heroine whose easy charm and strength makes up for her lack of knowledge about current technology and mannerisms. Max is one of my favorite types of heroes: smart, brave and strong but has respect for his love interest enough to let her make her own decisions. I thought all of the characters-both major and minor- were likable and interesting and the relationship between the heroine and hero was, for the most part, solid. One of the only criticisms that I have with the story is that that their relationship goes straight from lust to love in about ten seconds flat without any bonding scenes in between. Yes, they spend time together in a cramped (as much as a multi-million dollar yacht can get) but the moments that they have together are not necessarily meant to enhance the romantic elements but more to advance the story along. They are both thrust into a life and death situation fairly quickly but there are not that many scenes that are exclusively meant to connect the reader to the fact that these two are meant to be a couple before they get to have sex.

Overall, I liked the book and in the future would recommend this book-and the author- to anyone who was looking for something to read on a rainy afternoon. 

Book Blurb for The Last Oracle

All Amara wants is her freedom.

Freedom to know love as a mortal woman. Freedom to live on her own terms. But Amara will never be free. She is the Oracle of Avaris, taken from her people when she was twelve years old and held prisoner in a remote Egyptian temple…

…until a millionaire in a flying machine helps her escape.

Though Amara is dangerously attracted to Max Griffin, she allows him to sweep her into his jet-setting world. He will be her conduit to freedom and nothing more.

But Amara’s freedom is not easily won. Her vicious master pursues her across the Mediterranean. Max is almost killed. Someone is murdered aboard his yacht. And Amara finds herself falling for a man who has sworn off love...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.50