Taste of Lacey

I really liked both Ryder and Lacy. When they actually talked to one another; they were fun to read and believable as a couple. I did not always agree with some of their choices, but both are charming and likable characters. The author was also quite generous with the steamy sex scenes. The dialogue in this novel was natural and really added depth to the story.

While Hughes’ story was haphazardly executed, it also has moments of pure enjoyment. Her easy and fluid writing style allows you to immerse yourself in the story. She has set the foundation in creating genuine characters with real issues, but plays it too safe. It would have been nice if the author took a bit of time exploring the trust issues that both main protagonists had instead of resting on just the race issue. Race will be a factor in many interracial couples relationship, but it is not the only one that needs to be explored. It was an easy choice to go that route with the couple, which made it somewhat disappointing.

Overall, this was a light and easy read that would have been more entertaining if it took more chances.

Book Blurb for Taste of Lacey

Lacey never thought she’d be attracted to the blond hair and blue eyed type, but Rye was sexy as hell. And she wanted him. Badly.

Scratching a sexual itch for the hell of it was virgin territory to her, but surely she could give in to the pleasure he offered, if only for one night. It didn’t matter that he was her brother’s best friend. Or that her focus should be on getting her business on solid footing. Lacey Bishop, independent, logical black female, was about to hit the sheets with the white boy next door. She’d question her sanity later.

Ryder McKay wasn’t suffering from lack of female attention, so he couldn’t blame his raging need for Lacey on a dry spell. Beyond her being a gorgeous woman, he didn’t know what fueled his urgent hunger. Her father and brother would probably want to kill him, but he'd had a taste of Lacey and one just wouldn't be enough. The hard part? Convincing her...

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 3.50