Take Me Down

Suits in Pursuit, #3

Take Me Down is the third in a stand alone series. I reviewed it as a standalone. Unfortunately, I am reading and reviewing this series out of order, so my reactions are going to be a little off. I thought the premise of Take Me Down was intriguing, but overall it ended up being a frustrating and disappointing experience. Mostly, the problems with Take Me Down are the main protagonists and the pacing. Ashley was emotionally immature and seemed like she needed a therapist more than a boyfriend. Sebastian was arrogant and rude throughout the story. Towards the end both became more vulnerable around one another, but those scenes came way too late in the story for me to care. Given their sad romantic backgrounds, I understood why Ashley and Sebastian would be mistrustful of others, but it would have been a much more pleasurable experience for me if I got to read about them either ultimately overcome their flaws or learn to embrace those flaws and make them work as the story progressed. Instead most of the book is about these two bringing out the worst in each other.

Ashley and Sebastian will be getting another book to resolve their relationship, but I honestly don’t know if I want to read that book. I just may, but only because I am too stubborn to quit something that I started.

Book Blurb for Take Me Down

Take Me Down, sizzling hot interracial romance (BWWM), is a stand alone novel in the Suits in Pursuit series.

The story of Ashley and Sebastian

One night changed destiny. Six years later, Ashley Turner is confronted by the anger and bitterness that has become her crutch. Scars have left her calloused and with an attitude as sour as vinegar served neat, keeping men at a necessary distance.

Real estate investor Sebastian Stone has a huge problem. The high-rise on Peachtree Street is a financial drain on his business. A personal tragedy left him void of a solution and harboring a grudge against women bigger than his salty alter ego.

Fate orchestrates a series of events that unite the two tortured souls, proving their chance acquaintance is anything but coincidence. Unhealed wounds, lies and betrayal at play between them cannot stop the forces of attraction.

To land the promotion Ashley wants and to save everything Sebastian has spent a lifetime building, they are bound by necessity to work together. Unhinged passion erupts, but revenge threatens the second chance at love that fate intended.

Get caught up in the Suits in Pursuit series.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 2.50