Sympathy For The Devil

Stirling Falls, #2

Sympathy for the Devil is a tightly plotted suspense novel that can initially be taken as too slow, but the author takes her time letting you get to know the main protagonists and laying out all the necessary information that you will need to help you along with the mystery.

The Natasha and Devin interactions are wonderfully drawn because they both are set up as the outsiders who are pushed together to prove Devin’s innocence and find the killer before he takes another victim. Point blank: the sex scenes are hot/. They are written in such a way that you are almost envious of Natasha for her good fortune. Natasha is funny and intelligent busybody who loves her job and her friends fiercely. I love that she does not have all of the answers. She is awkward, opinionated, and kind of a social misfit, but these flaws/attributes do not hinder her in her investigation. Even though she stumbles a few times she just picks herself right back and keeps going.

Devin could easily have been written as an overly aggressive, one dimensional character (and given the circumstances I would completely understand why he would be angry), but he isn’t. The paucity of backstory for the character allows for you to make up your mind about him rather quickly. I sympathized with him and his situation as it looks like he was convicted of a crime based on his bad behavior and not any actual evidence.

The combination of the oppressive small town scene, hunt for a vicious killer and developing personal relationships provides an exciting and multi-layered story which held my interest from beginning to the end. The last half of the story really picked up , and had me white knuckling it through to the end in suspenseful excitement. I could have done without the interludes from the killer’s perspective though. Because it is done so inconsistently it really adds nothing to the story at all; it comes off as filler. The space could have been better used for something else.

It may be helpful to read the two preceding stories since they provide a little background which supports this book, but it is not so important that you cannot enjoy for the awesome story that Sympathy for the Devil is.

Book Blurb for Sympathy For The Devil

Natasha Whitaker is a workaholic, putting in long hours to acclimate herself to the P.I. business in preparation to take over for her aging mentor. But the day after her boss’s retirement doesn’t bring the usual insurance fraud and cheating spouses: instead, a dead body shows up in a startling similar fashion to a home invasion cold case from years ago.

Complicating matters is the return of Devin Archer--estranged husband of the original victim--to Stirling Falls. He was the prime suspect in the first case, though slipped away when there wasn’t enough evidence to prove his guilt. With bodies piling up the same time as his arrival, all eyes in town turn to him once again.

Tash is hired by the brother of the first victim to keep tabs on Devin, a task she eagerly accepts. But she can’t help her attraction to this dark, potentially dangerous suspect, or deny the instant heat between them. Is Devin a broken man still suffering from the loss of his wife, or a cold-blooded killer setting his sights on Tash as his next victim?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.50