Book 1 in the Playtime series.

Streetwalker by Veronica Tower is a marvelous erotic romance about a couple trying to find their way back to each other after an unexpected medical diagnosis regarding one of their children completely consumes their lives. Veronica Tower has crafted a potent and highly erotic tale that resonates with how familiar this story can be for many readers. Edie and Jack are the typical married couple with lots of love but not a lot of it to give to each other. they spend there time at work, taking care of their children, making sure that their home does not fall down around them. You know this couple or have experience some of the same or similar troubles as this couple has experienced and the ease of which Ms. Tower has detailed this story has made this a sensational must read for me. Take the time to read this story you will not regret it.

Book Blurb for Streetwalker

On their tenth wedding anniversary, Edie and Jack vow to reinvigorate their sex life and save their marriage through randomly selected fantasies. First drawn is Jack’s fantasy starring Edie as a common streetwalker. Equal parts enraged and aroused, Edie determines to blow Jack’s mind.

Luring him to a seedy section of town, Edie pulls out all the stops to give Jack exactly what he asked for—whether he can handle it or not. High on the erotic rush of newfound power over each other, the couple vows to take the game—and their marriage—to the next level.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00