Something About Witches

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Something About Witches

Arcane Shot Series, #1

Ruby and Derek are former lovers who decide to team up to stop an evil demon from escaping from the bowels of hell. Secrets and lies have kept them apart but their mutual determination to stop the demon has brought them back together. They both have their own motives for stopping the demon but Ruby’s motives may just get her killed.

There are just some things that I have come to rely on lately to make me happy: something with chocolate, Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace films and anything that has Joey W. Hill’s name on it. So when I got Something About Witches in the mail I was immediately happy and rushed to begin reading the book. I easily finished the book in three days but I was not as satisfied with the book as I normally am when I finish any of her books. While I enjoyed the premise of the story overall, there were too many aspects of this book that I just could not connect with. It is a solid book but I was not overly impressed with anything about it.

First, the things that I liked about the book: I loved Ruby and her direct way of thinking and speaking. She is a strong and intelligent woman who has too many flaws to count, but does not let that stop her from living her life on her own terms. I thought she was funny, engaging, and well defined as a character. The problem though is that she is that she is so well-defined that all of the other characters in this story pale in comparison to her. The action was well-paced and the story had a lot of wonderful moments of vivid imagery and her trade mark bdsm laced sex scenes that I love. I liked Ruby and Derek's chemistry at times but I felt that their relationship was bogged down in so much contrived melodrama that I found that towards the end I just did not care whether or not they ended up together.

One of the main issues that I have with the story is not the characters, or the premise, but the accessibility (or the inaccessibility) of the story. With the way that the characters are presented, I felt like I was reading the second or third book in the series and not the first. I actually had to stop reading and do a little research to make sure that I was not missing out on a short story or two to understand what was going on. Ms. Hill, again, gets so caught up in the details that she forgets we (the readers) are not in her fantastically brilliant head and cannot see everything that she sees.

Then there is Derek. Derek is the perfect alpha male…so perfect that I found him a little boring. The problem for me is that he is too perfect. Everything we know about Derek is from Ruby’s view not Derek, so the information that we have is seen through the eyes of a woman in love and not from Derek’s own mind. He, like many of the other characters in the story, is not as well-defined as Ruby is. He is the perfect hero but not a very good partner at all. He knows how to jump into the action but once the fight is over he has run off to save someone else from a crisis. There are a few moments where he genuinely seems connected to Ruby but that is not until after the big secret is revealed. I felt that if there was a little more focus on his past I would get a better understanding of him and their relationship together. As is, I was unsympathetic towards Derek for a majority the story.

I liked parts of this story a lot and will recommend this book to anyone who loves reading her books. If you are a new reader to her work, the book is a little difficult to get into at first but give it a while and it should eventually work itself out. Once you finish this book seek out her other stories- you will not be disappointed. Let’s just hope all the kinks that are in this story can be worked out in the next installment. I am cautiously looking forward to it.

Book Blurb for Something About Witches

Powerful sorcerer Derek Stormwind is determined to learn why the witch Ruby Night Devine pushed him away three years before. But he also needs her help in training a coven to fight a demon and his minions. While Ruby is willing to do it, she's sure it's just a ruse to get back in her heart-and her bed. Unfortunately, her bed's already made, and she fears nothing can save her soul...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 3.50