Scarred Soldier, Inked Angel

Broken Soldiers Book 1

I wanted to like Scarred Soldier, Inked Angel but felt that there was not enough story to keep me engaged. I was intrigued by the premise of reading a story from the perspective of a returning vet, and Angelique Voisen does an excellent job of conveying his anger, slight paranoia, and disillusionment, but I felt the author spent too much time describing Max’s inability to cope with being back from war and not enough time building the relationship. I do understand the need to address some of Max’s issues, but the decision to make that the main focus took away from the romance, which left me dissatisfied as Mike and Max actually do have a wonderful chemistry.

I would still recommend reading the story as it is good and the sex scenes are well done, it just could be so much better if she had more pages to develop this story.

Book Blurb for Scarred Soldier, Inked Angel

Max Rider thought putting on the uniform would make him a hero, but he only returned home a broken man. Rider’s entire back is covered in scars. He’s determined to cover them up with ink, and the only man he’d trust with a needle is tattoo artist, Mike Ferrara.

Five hours on his chair and Mike’s already fallen in love with his human canvas, Rider. Those who need work done on their skin always want something. A dose of courage. A lucky charm. Rider wants protection from his demons, but Mike isn’t satisfied with inking wings on Rider’s skin. He wants to claim Rider as his own, cast off his chains, and teach him how to fly.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 3.50