Saints And Madmen

Saints and Madmen is a sexy and captivating effort that is beautifully crafted and more enjoyable than expected. The storytelling is rich, the characters textured and the plot effective—life and death, fathers and sons, sex and violence, religion and nature are just some of the themes successfully tackled in this story. The hot sex scenes are also more than enough to keep any one’s eyes glued to the text. The author somewhat embraces the historical era that it is set in even if it strains the believable factor to within an inch of its life.

I have a few issues with the three main characters—Cadmon’s martyr like behavior over his affair with Vance gets a little old, his character; while I thought his back story was interesting many of the scenes that Cadmon had with Lord Vance were lacking in an emotional connection from me. I did eventually come to understand why Cadmon was attracted to Lord Vance, but his love for him seemed rushed. Compared with the charged scenes that Cadmon had with Tamar, their relationship just felt like air. I also am torn about how I feel about Tamar: I loved his loyalty toward Lord Vance and his growing relationship with Cadmon, but his behavior is a little too obsessive and crosses a few lines for me.

Saints and Madmen is the type of story that slinks into your mind and nests with you for a while. You need to read it.

Book Blurb for Saints And Madmen

When tragedy leaves his family near destitution, farm boy Cadmon—named after the famed saint and poet—has no choice but to accept a position with Lord Vance, the so-called Mad Lord of Whitby, posing for paintings...nude.

After contracting an illness during his travels, Lord Vance was left both impotent and prey to fits of madness, and now lives vicariously through painting handsome subjects. Cadmon is shy at first, but his affection for his lordship quickly grows and he regales his master with tales of erotic, recurring dreams.

Lord Vance’s servant Tamar, a handsome Batavian slave gifted in the healing arts, attempts to hide the enormity of his master’s affliction until the night Cadmon stumbles onto the truth linking his dreams and Lord Vance’s madness. Passion flares between the three of them but is shattered when Cadmon discovers he was hired under false pretenses.

Heartbroken, Cadmon seeks refuge in the ruins of Whitby Abbey. There, haunted by the memories of both saints and madmen, he must find the strength to offer his body and risk his sanity to save the men he loves. (Menage (M/M/M) / Group Sex)

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.00