Rough in the Saddle

The Sterling Brothers Book 1

I am on the fence about this story as it has a lot of great aspects: likable characters, hot sex scenes, and good world building. The main issue that I have is that the relationship is lopsided. There are scenes where she says something emotionally vulnerable and he counters with something vulgar. I like dirty talk , and it has its place, but in order to build a romance, you need two characters that want to be in the same type of relationship. Travis does not have a real pov; he comes off as a lusty robot more than a man with a well-developed personality. If one or two of those awesome sex encounters had ended with Pearl and Travis actually connecting on an emotional level in some way, it would have made their ILY’s at the end much more palatable. On a positive note, I did like his passion and dedication to his family and livelihood.

I also enjoyed the interactions that Travis had with his brothers, and that Pearl had with Brooklyn, Pearl’s new next door neighbor. Pearl is intelligent and compelling. I understood her point of view and food myself rooting for her. Her dialogue at times was clunky and repetitive, but I felt that there was enough of a personality to keep me interested in her.

Overall, I would recommend this story as it was a lovely distraction after a long workday. I look forward to reading more of the author’s work in the future.

Book Blurb for Rough in the Saddle

Travis Sterling helps run the farm that’s been in his family for the last three generations. When he needs to appease his sexual appetite there is never a shortage of willing women in the small town of Granite, Colorado.

Pearl Connors just moved to Granite to take care of her grandmother’s estate. Trying to let loose, she finds herself at the local bar, then in the bed of a rough and tough cowboy named Travis. But the next morning she tries to put the one-night stand behind her and make Granite her new home. She finds a job on a ranch to help three brothers, and soon realizes her one-night stand is right back in her face, and one-third owner of the Sterling Farm.

Can she put her desire for the dirty-talking cowboy behind her, or will she allow his dominating ways to make her submit all over again?

Be Warned: anal sex, spanking

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 3.50