Pussycat Death Squad

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Pussycat Death Squad

I loved this novella. With the title being called the Pussycat Death Squad I was honestly expecting something along the lines of a B movie type plot and dialogue with lots of Tarantino style violence, but instead I was pleasantly surprised at how romantic this story truly is. I had wanted to read a story by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb for awhile now and am glad that this story was my first. Lelia Assad is the lead body guard for an elite group of assassins that guard the leader of fictional Laritrea, a predominantly Muslim country that would be located somewhere in North Africa. After a very unflattering article is published about the Amazonian Guard aka the Pussycat Death squad, her leader decides to send Lelia and some of her best soldiers to the United States to train with the US Marines to quell some of the ugly rumors that were generated by the article. She figures that this PR stunt will not be successful, but agrees to the stunt to show Americans that not all devoutly Muslim women are-to paraphrase-“subservient cows”. When she meets sexy alpha Gunnery Sgt. Patrick “Trick” McBride she is automatically smitten but refuses to acknowledge her attraction due to her chastity vow. Patrick is immediately taken with Lelia and pulls out all the stops to get her to notice him. After several attempts, and many bruises from their many sparring matches, he finally earns her trust and respect when a coup is enacted against Lelia’s charge that tears the couple apart. Lelia has to find out who started the coup and put them down before they hurt anyone else. She quickly finds out that nothing is as it seems and even her closest friends and confidants are not who they seem. She will need to discern who she can trust before it is too late.

From the very first page I was hooked, the portrayal of a strong willed woman who refuses to play into stereotypes is what kept me reading until the very last page. Lelia is an intelligent, devout, and compelling heroine. Lelia was serious, sincere, and focused about her job and the importance to her overall well being was relatable and believable. Her loyalty was founded out of a true belief in the efficacy of her country and its need to be independent. And despite the fact that her behavior bordered on martyr territory I respected and understood her decisions. Patrick was the perfect alpha male. He is strong, intelligent, and supportive without trying to diminish Lelia’s authority. My favorite type of hero is a man who is strong enough to let a woman stand by his side and let her strength show through instead of trying to be her white knight and act as her shield. He was charming and warm without being too cheesy. While I feel that they talked about being in love too quickly, I loved there chemistry and enjoyed his all- out sedection.

If you love kick ass women, alpha males, steamy sex scenes, and intelligently written stories then this is a must- read for you. I highly recommend this novella. I am looking forward to her other stories.

Book Blurb for Pussycat Death Squad

Orphaned at a young age, Lelia Assad has spent her life in military service as the leader of the Pussycat Death Squad, personal bodyguards to a ruthless dictator. A devout Muslim, she’s never been tempted to break her vow of chastity until she encounters the ultimate alpha Marine. Patrick introduces her to passion so hot she has a crisis of faith.

Unfortunately, fate intervenes and Lelia is duty bound to return to her country when a coup attempt threatens the life of the man she has vowed to serve. While there she is betrayed and imprisoned with a death sentence on her head. Patrick will have to use all his cunning and lethal skills to save his love from the clutches of a diabolical dictator.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and material some readers may find objectionable: Violence.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 5.00