One Stormy Night

Romance on the Go

One Stormy Night is delightful yet well versed tale of two friends who are afraid to communicate their true feelings about each other. Alexis and Shane’s romance was a treat to read. I loved how the author crafted their flirty repartee; she was able to make it seem like they have been an official couple who have long become accustomed to one another’s quirks. The beautiful setting and well-paced plot kept me curious as to how the story would end.

This story is the perfect transition from longer novels or as a something to enjoy on a long weekend; it can easily be read in a day. Though the story is short, Shane and Alexis are well developed individuals and their romance felt real.

Book Blurb for One Stormy Night

Alexis Joplin, popular host of the travel show, Overnight Stays, is embarking on her final scouting expedition with her partner and best friend, Shane Fowler. Over the course of the last two years, the duo has grown closer not only at work, but outside of the job. While their friends and co-workers may whisper that something more than friendship is the source of their mutual admiration, they deny it even as their personal feelings are reaching a critical apex.

Shrouded in the dark beauty of a hundred year old inn, while lightning flashes and thunder rumbles, neither Alexis nor Shane can hold on to the pretense any longer. They give in to one night of passion with the promise that in the morning, they’ll awake as friends.

But is it a promise they both can keep?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.00