Off the Record

Love on the Line

Off the Record is a refreshing and satisfying story that I loved from beginning to the end. It is one of the rare stories that I want to continue to read for a very long time. I liked the chemistry between Kit and Emily. Kit is a passionate type that is completely ruled by her emotions; the type of person who believes in following her dreams with no safety net. Emily is the somewhat her foil: practical, guarded and cares enough about what others think to stagger her behavior so as not to seem unusual. What I liked most about their union was that it came together organically. The author does not seem to pass judgment on either character nor fills the story with too much drama to the point that you forget that this is supposed to be an erotic romance. It is perfectly balanced with steamy erotic sex scenes, light dialogue, and quick pacing.

No over the top villains or outlandish scenarios, just two people who are attracted to one another and do not waste any time getting into bed with one another. If I have to offer any negative criticism it would be that I found it a little odd that Kit fell in love so quickly. It is not a criticism of the characterization as it seems spot on, just an observation by someone who is constantly confounded by characters who can trust so easily. I found the secondary characters to be a little one note, but, as they are secondary characters they served their purpose to the story. Off the record is an excellent erotic short that will leave the reader wanting more; I loved it!

Book Blurb for Off the Record

Lust strikes as their eyes meet over a basket of overpriced Roquefort...

Surprised to meet chef Kit Parker at the grocery store, Emily goes undercover to Kit's restaurant that very night, only to crave more than her cooking. As a food critic, Emily finds it hard to resist the delectable cuisine or the busty, punky chef who created it.

Kit believes she's met the woman of her dreams, but her new lover is hiding something. When a scathing review hits right before grand opening, all blame points to Emily. Will their relationship fizzle before it sizzles?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50