Nurse Lovette

I will be honest and say that when I initially read the synopsis I thought it was a little too kinky even for me to read. But after reading Nurse Lovette I am happy to report that this is actually much better than I ever hoped for, and am glad that I read this erotic short story. I understand that role play can be exciting for some people but certain acts can occasionally be a little too much to read and absorb. There were a few scenarios that were a little hard to accept immediately but overall this was a titillating story that left me glad that I was not reading it in the dead of summer because I surely would have passed out from heat stroke.

Like the main character in Beyond Curious, Avery is a young woman determined to explore her sexuality in every way that she can. She is compelled by her fetish for nurses to seek out another person to help her live out her fantasies. In comes Darby Lovette, a practicing nurse who also enjoys the lifestyle, yet is hesitant to assist Avery because of a recent breakup. Paisley took what I thought could have been a cringe worthy subject and turned it into a somewhat relatable tale (in its most general terms) with characters that seem normal and familiar. She takes the ugliness or oddity out of the fantasy by adding personalities to these characters. She knows how to write a brilliant story. I read it in about an hour and enjoyed every second of it. The pacing was perfect; you got a sense of the characters but new that you were not going to get more in-depth than what the pages allowed. The sex scenes were. interesting and clever but did not go overboard on the kink. And yet again there was a level of sweetness to the story that was surprising but not unwelcome; it is a balance that Ms. Smith always seems to easily create in her characters.

Overall, this is a great read that I want everyone to read.

Book Blurb for Nurse Lovette

After two failed marriages, Avery Walker is encouraged by her therapist to explore her secret obsession. She can't get off without fantasizing about submitting to intimate examinations--performed by a hot female nurse. When she joins a medical fetish website, she expects to find a partner who'll provide a little probing and maybe some sexual release to help Avery get in touch with her kinky side.

Then she meets Nurse Lovette...

The consummate professional, Darby Lovette is determined to keep her relationship with Avery one of nurse and patient--nearly impossible when the gorgeous woman is on the exam table, willingly submitting to unspeakably intimate "procedures". The fact that she's loved and lost helps Darby maintain her resolve; falling in love isn't part of her treatment plan. But Avery's determination to explore sex with a woman just might be the cure for what ails them both.

Reader Advisory: This book employs myriad toys created especially for erotic exams, no holes barred, and, ahem...perhaps a sensual enema--or two.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25