Nights with the Nanny

Romance on the Go

Nights with the Nanny had the potential to be a charming little nugget of a romantic novella. I felt the premise for this story, of a widower falling in love again after tragedy, was what drew me in. Mix in kids and a sassy friend and you've got tearjerker written all over it.

Sad to say though, that the book was a disappointment. I think I took most issue with the couple. I would have preferred to have Quentin and Nia’s romance more developed instead of insta lust turned love. While I do understand that there are constraints built into short stories, a way around this is to take what you have and make it believable through dialog and use of time throughout the story. I understand her attraction to the children and wanting to help them but I found the relationship between the adults to be hard to root for. He was a bit of sad sack and she was a little more aggressive than I felt anyone should be, given the situation that she walked into. I just could not get invested in the couple at all.

I am not sure if I will try to seek out other titles by this author any time soon. I found the use of purple prose liberally sprinkled throughout the story to be overly done. I would still recommend this story to anyone who wants to try out a new author.

Book Blurb for Nights with the Nanny

Recently widowed, Dr. Quentin Matthews is in desperate need of a nanny to care for his 4-year-old twins. When his trusted nurse tackles the task for the sexy neurosurgeon, she hires more than just a caretaker for his children. The irresistible Nia LeBeau turns out to be a delicious treat for their father as well.

It’s lust at first sight when the towering, chocolate, and good-looking doctor meets the exotic Creole beauty. They both have a difficult time keeping their hands off each other. But after just one kiss and a candle light dinner, they no longer deny themselves the passionate pleasures they once craved. The doctor and the nanny give in to raw desire and start a nightly ritual hot enough to burn the sheets they’re constantly entangled between. What happens next is a sizzling short saga of romance and intimacy that’s hotter than lava.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 3.00