Masked Desires

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Masked Desires

Carnal Diaries

Abigail Clark is a woman in need of a change. So when her wild and out-spoken best friend shows up on her door step with two tickets to New Orleans for Mardi-Gras she cautiously agrees to go on the brief adventure with her friend. She is reluctant to step out of her comfort zone due to the hectic schedule that raising her kids and being a popular kindergarten teach creates. But, her best friend’s forceful nature and her soul’s craving for something different, leads her to a masquerade party where she meets Daniel. Daniel is everything that she wants but feels that she does not deserve: younger, charismatic and genuinely interested in her as a person. Her recent divorce from her husband was brutal on her psyche and she wants nothing to do with any sort of relationship- most especially with a guy as sexy as Daniel.

Daniel is sex on stick and he knows it. As soon as he lays his eyes on Abigail he is instantly smitten and wants to know more about her. After a hilarious verbal exchange at their first meeting he is convinced that there is something about Abigail that he needs to know more about. So he sets out to thoroughly seduce the “real” Abigail that went into hiding during and after her marriage ended. He is thrilled when she takes his bait for a fun few days but as they get to know one another he starts to see that she may be even more valuable to him than he ever imagined.

I liked this story a lot. As I stated Daniel is sexy, charismatic and just too cute for words. While I normally do not like May/ December relationship (no matter the gender mix) I found that this story easily transcended any doubts that I initially had about that aspect of the story. Abigail is a relatable, delightfully awkward heroine with a strong voice. You know this character because you either are her or have been in her shoes at some point in your life. I like how the author took the time to cultivate the characters without losing too much of the story. The couple took a bit of time to connect for me but their relationship progresses into something really worth rooting for. I found that I thought of both Abigail and Daniel even after I finished the story. The sex scenes are plentiful and the romance is just very sweet and believable. I recommend anyone read this story for a quick read. You will not regret reading this story. I look forward to reading more from Yvonne Nicolas.

Book Blurb for Masked Desires

When Abigail Clark agrees to join her best friend in a getaway to New Orleans, she had no idea what was in store for her. Coaxed into attending a Masquerade Ball, Abigail is less than enthusiastic about being trapped in an environment out of her peaceful element, but is delightfully caught off guard when Daniel Lérue, a gorgeous, young bachelor shows interest in her.

Her instant attraction to Daniel awakens a sexual appetite that has been dormant for quite some time. Fascinated by her innocence and striking beauty, Daniel offers a night filled with unforgettable passion.

Will she shy away from her body’s masked desires or give into the call of untamed lust?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50