Made to Love You

Made to Love You is a classic, familiar erotic romance that, despite its minor flaws, is a well-paced and well-conceived story about a couple coming together under very unusual circumstances. Christie, the heroine, is a compassionate and head strong writer who is also taking care of Rashid’s teenage son from his first marriage. When I read the synopsis, I was leery about read the book because I assumed that Christie was going to be written as a doormat who is hopelessly in love with the hero and had nothing going on outside of the relationship, but she wasn’t. Christie is a virtuous and happy person who had her own life and work outside of being a mother figure and hopelessly in love with Rashid. But, I will say that I cannot blame her for being attracted to Rashid because he is written as the almost perfect man. Rashid is a handsome, caring, and thoughtful war hero who comes home to find that his fiancée has left him and no furniture in his home. He's courageous and perseveres throughout his plight. I admired his strength. The chemistry between the two is evident from the first time they say hello to one another and slowly and builds as the story progresses.

Ms. Chailyn actually got a lot done in so few pages. The characterizations were quite well-defined with distinct personalities- especially the dialogue between Rashid, Christie, and Rashid's son. I also loved the dynamic between Christie and her best friend. The dialogue was a lot of fun to read as it flowed effortlessly.

The only feedback that I have is the latter portion of the story felt like it was hastily added on for drama. Christie becomes uncharacteristically whiny, insecure, and jumps to conclusions for no reason. I get that a little angst has to be thrown in for the couple to want to get together, but this angst was predictable and puerile. Having said that, Made for You is a good story that hits a romantic's needs for a good couple with hot sex and great dialogue. I'd recommend it for anyone needing a quick and satisfying story to spend their downtime reading.

Book Blurb for Made to Love You

Christie Huang has always been in love with Rashid Jennings. Even when she had to stand by and watch him marry another woman. Years later his first wife has died, he’s deployed to fight in the war against terror, and he's engaged to marry another woman. When his fiancée takes off leaving Rashid’s son alone, Christie steps up to the plate. When Rashid comes home again she has to fight her desire to be his woman.

Rashid Jennings knew Christie Huang had a crush on him—her brother told him. But he never believed it. When he comes home to find his fiancée gone and Christie taking care of his son, he finally steps back and looks at her as more than his best friend’s kid sister and is shocked at the amazing woman he finds. But can they make things work as a family?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 4.00