Lost Heart

Hearts, 2

When The Heart of Solitude, a priceless ancient gem, is stolen from the museum from a world famous museum, Mickey Slater immediately becomes the prime suspect in the high profile crime. She is a fast talking adventurer seeker who has a long history with flirting with the law. She knows that she is in more trouble than she bargained for when she is hauled into a police station and interrogated for hours. What she does not expect is that her new intelligent, yet timid new girlfriend Lily Swan is so willing to run to her defense. Lily is a curator at the same museum and believes that Mickey is innocent of the crime; she just has to prove her lover is not guilty before the police can gather enough evidence against her. As Mickey and Lily race against time, they quickly realize that the theft is but one of a long line of criminal activity that neither were ever meant to get involved in. The killer is more than willing to kill them both to get what they need. The only way that they can stay one step ahead of the killer is find out where the jewel is and uncover the killer’s identity. .. And stay alive long enough to complete both tasks.

Lost Hearts has the makings of a very good story: interesting erotic romance: fun characters, hot sex scenes, but, unfortunately, it is a poorly executed story that came off as a rough draft than a fully developed short story. It is a short read so you will not feel as if you have wasted any time at all. I just wish that it had been better executed. I liked the couple together. Their dedication and love for one another was the best part of the story. The issue with this story is the plot and tone. I was confused as to whether this is a campy tongue in cheek adventure tale or was it meant to be taken seriously. The dialogue at times was either over the top camp where everyone is a parody of a cliché character, or if this was supposed to be an edge of your seat thriller/adventure story. Another issue is the dialogue, I do enjoy purple prose but it needs to be used more consistently so it flows easily with everything else that is going on in the story. This is a good effort that does have its merits, but overall was a disappointing read.

Book Blurb for Lost Heart

Lily Swan is a shy curator who has been involved with Mickey Slater, a brazen adventurer, for six months, and they now live together. Late one night, Lily gets a call from Mickey. She’s been arrested for the theft of a fabled jewel of ancient origin, the Heart of Solitude.

As the investigation proceeds, Mickey remains under suspicion, but the case is far from closed. And while the two women have time to enjoy each other’s company in the bedroom, they are also caught in the web of a criminal conspiracy.

Before long, they fall into the line of sight of a thief who is not above murder in order to win. Love should triumph over all—but will it? Lily and Mickey face the challenge of their lives.

Be Warned: f/f sex

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 3.00