Long, Slow Surrender

I wanted to give this story a higher rating but unfortunately I just could not do it. Not only were there several grammatical errors throughout the text ( a problem that we all have from time to time) but structural this story was way too long with not a lot of action in between. Picture a young attractive successful woman. Now picture her in between two brothers: one on paper is perfect, the other not so much but is drop dead sexy and can cook his ass off. The beautiful and smart young woman wants nothing to do with one and cannot get spit on if she was on fire with the other. Now take a guess which one she wants and you have the basic plot of this story. I will give you a hint: she wants the bad boy who can cook. The basic premise is interesting; the way that she fleshes out the story could have had a lot of potential, but it falls short of being a very entertaining and satisfying Sunday read.

I liked Connor and Michelle. I felt that their relationship was, for the most, part believable. I could relate to her need to succeed in everything that she did and her almost obsessive and slightly clich‚ need to change her life. I also understood Connor's insecurities and compulsive need to run from anything that even smells of commitment and normalcy. When you spend your life thinking you are second best you never think that anything will change- and secretly hope that you never will. I loved all their bonding moments together. They felt natural and were quite adorable to read. There impromptu lunch in the park was my favorite moment because it just focused on them and not on her silly plan. The main problem with the story as a whole is the fact that she focuses so much of her time developing the plot that she sacrifices the development of her main characters. I will say that the sex scenes were good but they were placed so late in the story that I felt that they were just added on to satisfy the erotic romance label.

Overall, Long, Slow Surrender, was a good read; but, I just cannot help but feel that it could have been better.

Book Blurb for Long, Slow Surrender

Michelle Lewis has always been attracted to handsome, easygoing Connor Sakuma. There is only one obstacle in her way—Theodore Sakuma, Connor’s younger straitlaced brother.

Connor Sakuma is astonished when Michelle approaches him for help in thwarting his younger brother’s attraction to her. He has no idea how a fake relationship between him and Michelle is going to help the situation. But it could be the perfect opportunity to act on his own secret attraction to Michelle.

When things are set into motion, Michelle will make it her mission to see that Connor gives her plan a try even if it is one long, slow surrender.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 3.00