Leashed is a highly erotic super short story whose main anchor is the immediate sexual attraction to the two main characters. I liked Sage and her two men but for some reason I did not really connect to the characters as much as I wanted to. Melyssa Jay does an admirable job setting up the BDSM club, and the dynamic between the three read true to form without being too gimmicky. It is not as dark as many other BDSM shorts that I have read, which is quite refreshing. While some of the dialogue is stiff and borders on cheesy, Leashed is a fun read that will not take you more than an hour to read.

Everyone loves gifts. We love getting gifts on our birthdays, religious holidays, or just as a surprise. Jewelry, cars, expensive cashmere sweaters are usual suspects when it comes to gifts, but Sage is not the typical girl who gets normal gifts from her man. Sage’s Dominant has given her an extra special anniversary present: a tall, super hot man in a cage. The super hot male sub is new to the scene and only wants to please his mistress. She is very ready and eager to test her dominant side out on her new slave. As the night progresses the two become more involved in their new roles than they expected, but their Dom has one more trick up his sleeve- and this one may have life long bonds attached.

Book Blurb for Leashed

When Sage sees the man in the cage, she's hot and bothered. When she finds out he's a present from her Dominant to train as a submissive and work out her natural switch abilities on, her heat and desire go to volcanic levels. The new boy-toy isn't the only trick her Dominant has up his sleeve, but will she accept everything he has to offer? (20p)

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 3.50