Laid Bear

Urban Fairytales, Book 2

I have to be honest and admit that I was dubious at best about reading a story that involves shape shifting bears. I have read stories with vampires, trolls, witches, mermaids, vampire mermaids (made this one up but would not be surprised if I did see this one), and my favorite two favorite TV shows in the whole wide world are General Hospital (don’t judge) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so to say that I have read and seen almost every crazy combination would not be too far off. Reading anything about bears just seemed like it was scratching the bottom of the barrel… I was wrong; I was so wrong. Laid Bear is one of the best short stories that I have ever read by Eve Vaughn. Strong characterization coupled with a sweet build up for the quad, and hot sex scenes made this story a fun, erotic and engaging read that captures your attention and never lets you go until the last page. Nicely done!

After burying her grandmother and leaving the only place that she has called home Zora is heading to Ohio to start a new life and job. She is running away from not only a mountain debt but the overwhelming sadness behind her grandmother’s death. On a lone stretch of road she gets into a near fatal accident when she accidently hits a black bear… or so she thinks.

Logan, Heath, and Gavin are desperate to find their onida, so that they can begin to start making a family. Their trip out to their family cabin is the last time that the cousins will be together before they finally give up the search and settle down. They never expected to find the person that they had been searching for would so suddenly and violently come into their lives. They plan to do whatever it takes to keep her now that they have her.

To say that she is reluctant to agree to enter into a relationship with three men-let alone three shape-shifting bears- is an understatement, but the men slowly but surely lure Zora into their private world. When a looming threat from her past unearths new fears for Zora will her new found partners be able to protect her before it is too late?

Book Blurb for Laid Bear

Too hot? She’ll have to take more than one taste to decide.

After devoting ten years to caring for her grandmother, Zora Calloway is ready for the next stage of her life—until a series of frightening phone calls reminds her of an abusive ex who might still have it in for her. At least she has someplace to run and a job waiting for her when she gets there.

But a near-fatal collision with a huge black bear on a dark, storm-swept road changes everything. She wakes up in a secluded cabin, confronted by her rescuer: a naked hunk in the form of Logan Lamere. An explosive attraction leads her straight into his arms…then she learns they are not alone.

Bear-shifter cousins Heath, Gavin and Logan Lamere had lost faith in finding their mate until Zora comes crashing into their lives. With one glance, they know she’s the one they’ve been waiting for.

Zora is stunned at how easily she succumbs to the temptation to stay for a short while. But the men have forever in mind—if they can persuade their Goldilocks to accept three bears as her mates. And keep her safe from a danger that blindsides them all.

Warning: Three sexy shifters, one willing woman—the bed is just right….and so is the table…the wall…the woods… If you thought it was really all about the porridge, go to the back of the class.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.00