Ladies of Market Street

When I read the description for Ladies of Market street I thought it was a little over the top but still worth my time because while the premise is a little on the absurd side it still is not the worst idea I have ever heard of. But after reading the story I have to rethink my thought process when I choose books to read. In short, I did not this book at all.

Please do not misunderstand me the idea of making a prostitute/call girl the heroine of a novel is not the reason that I do not like this story, it is more than likely one of the main reasons why I chose to read the book in the first place. When I read the synopsis I thought renegade prostitutes out for vengeance against evil johns sounds like something I would love to read, and to be honest this story has the potential to be something interesting but it falls short. It has everything to do with the execution of the novel. It is several types of stories rolled into one: action adventure, crime thriller, twisted morality tale. And the story never quite works in either of these categories.

It also does not help that the main protagonist, Veronica Baldwin, is impulsive, irrational and borderline emotionally unstable. Her behavior is so over the top that she can easily construed as a caricature and not a woman who deeply cares for her friends. Her actions through the first few chapters show that being willing to do anything for friends is not always a positive attribute to have. She does things that are unbelievably stupid and rash that could have easily gotten her killed

While this is a mostly negative review there were a few things that I enjoyed about the Ladies of Market Street: I enjoyed the way Ms. Lear dedicated enough time to craft a believable camaraderie between all the women. I love reading books were female friendships/relationships are valued. When reading you get the sense that the character's actually care about one another I said earlier that this was a bad thing, and I still stand behind my earlier assessment that her devotion is what ultimately cripples the character, but it also helps her as well. Veronica's behavior just needs to be toned down a few notches. Her single-minded focus on finding her friend An Cheng and her devotion to her family and friends is admirable but one cannot place that above common sense and being safe.

After doing a little research on the author I found out that this is her first novel and for that she should be commended, but the story as is, is not good enough for me to recommend. I finished the story because I hate leaving a book half-finished not because I was so enthralled in the drama that I just could not put it down. I felt compelled to finish it just to fulfill a personal goal. One should never have to read a book for that reason; it defeats the purpose of reading for leisure.

Book Blurb for Ladies of Market Street

When Veronica Baldwin unexpectedly finds herself fighting a sex slave ring, she is not only struggling for her own life, she is fighting for her stolen "sister," An.

Veronica knows well the face of the man responsible for An's disappearance, and tragically, she knows his involvement means An is dead.

Only this time, Veronica makes sure he pays for his sins with an eye for an eye.

Veronica’s war has begun, but it is not her's to fight alone.

When Veronica chased after her stolen sister, she left behind her flock of soiled doves. Three ladies just as devastated by their common sister’s abduction and violent death as Veronica, and just as ready to seek vengeance.

Veronica brought together those ladies to save them from deadly fates on New York's meanest streets.

She took them from their rootless and solitary lives and gave them back their minds, their souls, and their choices.

Together they created their sisterhood; a modern-day brothel disguised by the façade of a real-estate firm.

These women bring men’s fantasies to life in vacant apartments scattered throughout Manhattan, and their services are highly sought after.

Now, Veronica has failed one of her sisters. The pain inside her guides her and the sisterhood to avenge the murder of one of their own.

Through a thrilling but heartbreaking investigation that utilizes their access to the most powerful men in New York, the girls realize that the slavery ring's chain of command runs all the way up to the City's highest levels.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 2.00