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An American Love Story

Kindred is a well-paced classic romance that sheds light on the plight of certain groups of Native Americans and Free Blacks during the colonial period. What mainly attracted me to this story were the main characters of the story. Lelaheo, an Oneida Indian, and Kindred, a free black woman, are characters with somewhat happy futures ahead of them. Lelaheo and Kindred are an interesting pair that should've had more development. I would have preferred more tension between the main characters. Everything was just so obvious to them. They had no problems with trust or anger. Everything was just swept under the rug, or quickly dealt with.

P.J. Dean spends more time on getting the history correct than building a solid relationship for the couple. The audience is just left to believe that couple should be together forever without having to face any sort of internal conflict or doubt within the relationship.

Even with that flaw, I still recommend this story. We need more stories like this floating around.

Book Blurb for Kindred

An herbalist and free woman of color, Kindred Twain and Lelaheo/Cassian Harkness, an Oneida Indian, had been inseparable since childhood, so it was no surprise to anyone when their childhood bond blossomed into love as they grew into adulthood. Neither suspected when they agreed to wait to wed until Lelaheo had completed his medical studies in Europe that they were poised on the eve of the American Revolution, or that a young British miss named Adeline would threaten to tear them apart forever.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 3.25