Kaydee & the Tramp

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Kaydee & the Tramp

Kaydee has a crush on Savannah and it bemuses her to no end. She is not so much as confused by her sexuality (Kaydee has been “out” for a long time and has no interest in going back “in”) than by the situation. See Savannah is her best friend’s step mother who she has known for years, her attraction has only grown exponential over the years instead of dying off as most crushes do. When Savannah seductively suggests that she is interested in Kaydee what is girl left to do but to allow herself to give into her most carnal desires. Savannah wants everything from Kaydee that she can physically give. The problem is when you are a confirmed lesbian and the person you want may just be bi-curious, everything can be too completely different things.

I have to admit that I loved this story so much that I felt like I was going to cry several times throughout the book- I was that emotionally involved. I was afraid that the story would end up being too schmaltzy with no real substance or grit to make the couple believable. The thought of having to read a family/friendship breaking apart because of their decision to be together was intriguing in a Lifetime movie of the week variety. (This is in no way an insult, those movies are awesome.) I am happy to say that I was wrong. Each character is so well-drawn that each character will stay in my brain for a few days even though I have already finished the book and moved on to another, which is feat seeing as how it is only 90pgs long. The dynamics between the two protagonists initially is typical repressed older woman meeting the exciting and younger woman. But as the story progresses you get a real sense that these characters are much more than hook-ups or experiments to one another. The story is held together with strong writing careful attention to detail and very hot sex scenes.

I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more from Titania Ladley.

Book Blurb for Kaydee & the Tramp

“Show me how a woman makes love to a woman.” Hearing that from any hetero female is normally a deal breaker. But when lesbian Kaydee Truman is propositioned with those words by her longtime secret crush—her best friend’s widowed stepmom—temptation takes a front seat to propriety. Savanah Kirtright exudes irresistible sex appeal, and her many past experiences lie solely with men. Savanah’s unexpected enthusiasm to learn how to please a woman proves to be more than Kaydee can resist.

Which turns out to be the worst mistake of her life. But how can such an agonizing slip-up feel so damn right? Neither Kaydee nor Savanah have the answer. All they know is, one sultry summer day by the lake leaves Kaydee and her new lover to make choices that will forever change their lives.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00