Hurts So Good

Krista is a smart and successful young woman who thrives on challenges. She decides that she wants to take on horseback riding as a new hobby. Because of her carelessness she ends up hurting herself to the point that she has to go to a physical therapist to help her heal from her injury. What started as an unlucky event, ends up turning her life around for the better as she is re-introduced to the boyfriend that she dumped in the not so recent past. The man is totally different from when they were dating and she is instantly attracted to his new confidence and grace. The rest of the tale is the couple finding their way back together.

First, this is not an interracial romance as I thought from looking at the cover. This is a lovely romance between a black female and black male. I was going to give this a negative review because of the misleading cover, but that would not have been fair to the author, who has written a cute and quick read. What I will give credit for is that the author took a classic tale of second chance love and made it more interesting. I found that Krista was kind of shallow in the beginning, which made me dislike her somewhat, but, by the end, I found her charming. The story is told her from point of view, which is nice, but I felt the story would have been more entertaining if it was told from both points of view.

Even though I did not get what I wanted initially, I would still recommend this story.

Book Blurb for Hurts So Good

Sometimes, pain can lead to pleasure and delight.

Krista, an attractive, single African-American woman, is disgusted with herself when a fall from a horse, at her very first lesson, leaves her with disabling back pain. Afraid to overdo medication and determined to avoid surgery, she reluctantly decides to go for physical therapy. But when she meets the gorgeous, muscular physical therapist, she thinks maybe she's made the right decision. Concealing her attraction proves difficult indeed, especially when the therapy involves his sensuous, powerful hands all over her body. And it becomes even more difficult when she realizes he's as hot for her as she is for him...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 3.50