Hurts So Good

Unrestrained Erotica

I will admit that I was a little apprehensive about picking up a bdsm novel. I usually have two reactions: overwhelmed by the sheer lack of spice or just grossed out by writers who just want to push the envelope but have no idea how to tell a story. I should have known that I could trust Alison Tyler to come up with a collection of stories that is the perfect balance of spicy and well-written kink. I have never been disappointed with any compilation that Alison Tyler has cleverly spliced together. She knows how to craft an erotic story and find authors who think along the same dirty and daring thought process that she does.

Many of the stories were very well put together. If I had to choose my favorites they would have to be Sting by Jessica Lennox simply because I was surprised by how erotic getting a tattoo can be. Testing the Water was another favorite because it made a bdsm a little more relatable. There were no sirs or master or any of the stereotypical power games that get played, it was refreshing and provocative. The book ranges in intensity that builds towards the end of the book. I need to warn readers that there are a few stories that may turn some completely off (First Time Since by Xan West)was not my favorite story. It was a little too graphic for my taste but it may be just right for someone else. Another small complaint is for me is that there were too many spanking themed stories. It reminds me of party that has too many appetizers and not enough food for the main course. This is definitely worth reading and I will recommend this book to one who wants a quick read with lots of kink.

Book Blurb for Hurts So Good

Craving the endorphin rush that only a well-placed slap can bring? Aching for the pleasurable restraint of your wrists in leather cuffs? In Hurts So Good, editor Alison Tyler presents tantalizing, triple-X tales that are rich in saucy details of lovers paying the price with their bodies. Whether you dream of shedding your inhibitions with the right master, finally feeling the strong hands of a hot female tattoo artist, or switching from top to bottom and back, then this heart-pounding, rush-seeking collection will give you all the joys consensual pain can bring.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.00