Hot and Steamy

Tales of Steampunk Romance

I decided to pick this book up out of sheer desperation. I am kind of burned out from reading only romance, erotica, and mainstream fiction for the last few months and I wanted to try something completely different for once. So when I saw the cover and read the synopsis for this book I thought that it would be a perfect addition to my library and decided to give this book a chance. I am glad that I did.

One morning I was talking with my friend from college who works in the public about the book I was reading. For the life of me I could not adequately explain how to describe what I was reading. For me, steampunk is like a dirty little secret that until just recently has become the latest trend. I finally just said it was a steampunk anthology and she immediately knew what I was talking about. I would have placed the author's name and website here but it would have looked a little odd to be promoting an author's website when they have nothing to do with the work in question, so instead I will site's definition instead:

I began with page one and was a little disappointed by the third story because, while very well written, I was drawn in to the fact that there was going to be romance somewhere (unfortunately I still cannot break my romance/erotica addiction, I am a lifer for sure.) I kept reading because, for one reason or another I felt compelled to keep going and then was unable to put the book down. This anthology is an accessible introduction to the sub-genre and I hope each book that I read is just as good as this one.

The only downside to the book is that because of the limited amount of words that they can use the stories are not allowed to develop in a satisfying manner. I want to know more about the characters, what they like, hate, are indifferent to; I want everything because they are so intriguing. Each story is a wonderful teaser to the author's other works and unfortunately for my bank account I am going to have to read each story.

While I loved each story for my own reasons, my favorites have to be "For Queen and Country" by Elisabeth Vaughn," "In the Belly of the Behemoth" by Matt Forbeck " Love Comes to Abyssal City" by Tobias S. Buckell and "The problem of Trystan" by Maurice Broaddus

Book Blurb for Hot and Steamy

From the co-editor of Steampunk'd comes an all-new collection of adventure and romance amid Victorian steampunk settings. Sparks fly in these original stories of a steam-driven airship searching for a lost city, a crazy inventor in a powered wheelchair with a plot to take over the world, and a love story set in an alternate history version of America. Adventure abounds in these stories of love, loss, and danger- and there is plenty of steam!

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.75