Good Neighbors

Good Neighbors is a sexy and well-written short story of two adventuresome women who go to unbelievable lengths in order to please one another. The story leaves you in the dark as to who these women are; it is told in the first person and any physical descriptions are few and far between. The only details you do get are details of their bodies: color of skin (pale white and milky coffee), breasts, hair color, male body parts, etc. The writing expertly details an amazing visceral experience that kept me on my toes.

There is no character development to found be or is needed as this is just a brief and steamy story about an ever escalating series of hedonistic encounters. I usually stay away from voyeuristic erotica novels because I have considered them boring in the past, but the author has changed my stance with Good Neighbors. With the influx of female submissives as protagonists in erotica/romantica being made readily available, it is a breath of fresh air to read about female dominants having fun. I want more from this author and I want it as soon as possible.

Book Blurb for Good Neighbors

A woman sees her female neighbor watching, and an adventure of voyeurism begins. Where will it end?

In a state of undress, getting ready for work in the morning, a woman glances out of her window and sees her female neighbor staring back at her. An adventure of voyeurism and teasing begins, but where will it end?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50