Going Up

I enjoyed this story for what it is: a quick sexy erotic short story. As my reviews of Ms. Matthews' other works have attested I am a fan. And this story even with its flaws is still entertaining as her other books but is missing a few synapses here and there. Koko Brown, the main protagonist in this tale, loves to pleasure herself in public- more specifically in elevators. Her exhibitionism knows no bounds; the more crowded the elevator the hotter she gets. Her actions are discreetly accomplished while she hides behind everyone else in the elevator- or so she thought.

There are a small group of security guards watching and waiting for Koko each day that she arrives in the building and they love what they see. Her most ardent viewer, Reese Desoto, loves her performances so much that one day he propositions her to a private showing in the main elevator after everyone has left the building for the day. She is stunned that she has been caught but is quickly seduced into the offer. The rest is simple: Reese and Koko have an instant attraction, they fall in lust and then make a deeper connection, and begin to fall in love after the villain of the tale threatens to uncover Koko's fetish to the public.

As I said, I, collectively, liked this tale but I felt that the tale was missing some of the romance and sharp-witted dialogue that Ms. Matthews normally and facilely executes so well. It was there but more in a nebulous way. The main focus was on the highly erotic sex scenes but not on the character or story development. I realize that there may have been limitations due to the length in the story but that cannot be the only excuse- or even a good enough excuse. I did not have a problem with the fetish at all or the couple themselves was not an issue. The breakneck speed in which Reese attached himself to Koko was completely unbelievable. While it is written in the story that he has been watching for several months, he has only been an observer. Outside of the sex that they have he has no idea who Koko is, and vice versa. So his reaction towards the end comes out of left field. Also, the villain was a little too silly to believe and the way that he was dispatched out of the story was a waste. The fetish was more than enough for me to bring this couple together and adding the secondary character was un-necessary and detracted from the main couples' story. While I did not enjoy this story as much as I have had her other titles, I still will recommend this book, just not as fervently as I would her others.

Book Blurb for Going Up

Watching Koko Brown’s kinky elevator exhibitions has become the best thing about Reese Desoto’s Tuesdays and Thursdays. As head of security of Sarraf Enterprises, he’s been keeping two very attentive eyes on the dark-skinned beauty and her naughty habits, but he’s over sharing her performances with all the other men in security. He’s ready for a private show.

Koko always feared that one day her elevator fetish would get her in trouble, but she never thought her comeuppance would appear in the form of a man as devastatingly handsome and commanding as Reese. To her delight though, instead of reprimanding her, Reese offers her access to a private elevator, one in which she can be as wicked as she pleases for an attentive audience of one. All she has to do is step in, strip down and enjoy the ride.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.50