Forever, I Do

Wedding cake designer extraordinaire, Rosalind Fletcher, is a baker known for her amazing looking (and more importantly) amazing tasting creations. While most bakers’ recipes have the usual: milk eggs and sugar to their recipes Rosalind adds a special family ingredient that takes her cakes to the next level. Not only are the cakes delicious they somehow give the blessed couple the luck to love each other into eternity. When her arch rival (and secret crush) stumbles upon her secret she has to try everything that she can to fix the problem before it is too late.

I really have no clue how to rate this book. I had to read this book twice because on the initial read I just could not get into the story at all. Then I re-read it thinking that it could not get any worse and found that it got a little better as I read through the story again. The story has a lot of potential but because of the lopsided writing style and goofy antics I could not truly enjoy the story the way I really wanted to. I think it is supposed to be a screwball romantic comedy but it falls a little flat on the comedy and is too much of the screwball. The story is paced too quickly and one is left out in the cold, as if this book is a sequel to another story and I am missing out on something that I should know.

The overall story is interesting but the execution is lacking in clarity and balanced writing. I usually like female heroines who are slightly neurotic and somehow uber amazing at their jobs but Rosalind throughout the book was well… boring and repetitive. It is almost as if she did not even understand how her own family magic worked. You cannot make love just bloom from magic; there has got to be something there to begin with and she does not learn this most basic lesson until the end of the book. Ashley could have been an interesting character if he was actually given something to do in the book other than being a warm sex toy. We do not get to really know him or Rosalind for that matter but for a few intimate bonding scenes throughout the story; they do not add up. Some of the dialogue actually worked and I could see where the authors were going, but it fails to get its point across- whatever point that may be.

The story is a quick read with very erotic sex scenes but the story feels incomplete. I will recommend it because I love interracial romance novels and believe that this is better than other stories that I have read. But this is by far not the best that I have read from either of these talented writers.

Book Blurb for Forever, I Do

Rosalind Fletcher has a secret. Her one-of-a-kind wedding cakes are infused with a loving spell handed down from mother to daughter for over a century. Her sought-after creations are not only delicious, but rumored to be lucky as well: producing long-lasting marriages where the men never stray, the women don't nag, and 99.7 percent never face each other on opposite ends of a court room.

But what happens when her spell falls into the hands of the wrong person? Like Ashley Benedict, notorious playboy and wedding planner extraordinaire, who eats a sample meant for his clients? There's only one thing that can happen: he succumbs to the spell's bewitching powers and sets out to charm the pants off of the hardworking sole proprietress of Forever, I Do cakes.

While Rosalind frantically searches for an antidote, she surrenders to Ashley's lustful appetites. Will guilt push her into finding a successful cure for her bewitched lover, or will her heart allow herself to be locked into a loving relationship with a man who might not really be in love with her?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.25