Filthy Lucre

I devoured Filthy Lucre in one day; it had me hooked from the very first paragraph. Sharon Cullars masterfully fills Filthy Lucre with an interesting mix of solid storytelling and historical facts. She casually uses some of the vernacular of the time to give the story more depth and authenticity, but it never detracts from the story. The only main issue that I had with this book is the inclusion of Bonnie and Clyde reference in the story. This inclusion does not enhance the story, but irritates. I felt it took away from the development of Louis and Teddy’s story.

I am torn about Louis’ character because at times I found him to be a sad sack who relied too much on his past to justify his poor decision making skills. But, I also found his vulnerability and consideration of Teddy endearing. I loved Teddy’s character, as she is a complex character that I wanted to know more about. I adored the emotional connection between both Louis and Teddy. While their story stretches believability a little too far, I still found their relationship fun to watch unfold. Overall, I think this is yet another fantastic story from Ms. Cullars.

Book Blurb for Filthy Lucre

When Teddy Holliday is robbed of her last hard-earned ten dollars at a local five-and-dime, she thinks that is the worst her day can get. Later that morning when a stranger arrives seeking a room in her boarding house offering her a wad of cash, more money than she has seen in one offering, she is grateful for the salvation. Little does Teddy know that the smolderingly handsome boarder, one Louis Daniels, is a bank robber - and that he knows the man who earlier robbed her - Clyde Barker of the famous Bonnie and Clyde duo.

When the whole gang takes her hostage in her own home, she must find a way to well as resist the sexual charms of Louis, who is determined to win her body and soul. What follows is a potent mix of gripping fear and sexual discovery. Not to mention a natural tornado that upends her life forever.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.50