Dark Currents

Agent of Hel, #1

Dark Currents is an electrifying urban fantasy novel that is sure to make fans of Jacqueline Carey and the genre very happy. The story is well-paced and thoughtful combination of classic detective story and the supernatural. The story is just as much about the characters and their development as it is about the resolution of the crime itself. Daisy Johansson is a smart, funny, and slightly awkward heroine. She quickly charms you with her determination, quick wit and endless pop culture references. Dark Currents is a delightful and compelling diversion that will have you racing to get to the last page. I am excited for this new series.

A young college boy has been found dead and it is quickly made apparent that his death is not an accident. As a designated liaison between the eldritch community and the mundane world it is the job of half-demon, half-human Daisy Johanssen to investigate any incidents that could disrupt the tenuous balance between both worlds. As she begins to piece together the sordid details of the last few months of the boy’s life, Daisy comes upon a baroque web of deceit and lies that involves dark forces from both worlds. It does not help that her personal life is turning to shambles and her tenuous hold on her own nature is becoming more frayed as the investigation lags on, she is a half-demon after all. Daisy will need to draw upon her ever widening social network to solve this crime that seems to be adding new victims at every turn.

Book Blurb for Dark Currents

Dark Currents is set in a small Midwestern resort town where paranormal tourism is a booming business. Daisy Johanssen, an incubus’ daughter raised by a loving single mom, is the liaison between the eldritch community and mundane authorities. Most of the time that doesn’t entail anything more challenging than retrieving stolen goods from a puckish pickpocket or tracking down a tourist led astray by a will-o’-the-wisp, but when a young man drowns in an apparent accident that’s not what it seems, Daisy’s job turns deadly earnest.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 5.00