Changing Room

Playtime, #3

Edie and Jack are in marriage counseling limbo. Seeking to rekindle the passion that they once felt for one another, Edie and Jack have committed themselves to playing out all of their personal fantasies. With each fantasy they grow more brash and impulsive with their desires, and consequentially becoming more emotionally aware and available to one another. This is a new role for both Edie and Jack as they have spent much of their marriage taking care of their kids and building their careers. Each new fantasy opens them up to new possibilities and emotions that they both thought were long dead. What was once a suggestion made by their therapist has turned into a full blown experiment that has endless amounts of pleasurable outcomes.

Usually when I get comfortable in any new series I am usually very anxious that the next installment in that series will disappoint me. Changing Room, book three in the Playtime series, is not one of these books. Changing Room picks up a few days after Masseur ends and does so with gusto. Watching this couple fall in love with one another will make you remember why you started reading erotic romance in the first place. The evolution from angry, out of sort parents to much calmer and thoughtful individuals is masterfully done. which is a real feat as the story is short. She does not waste time getting to the point and delivers with every word. While you do not need to read this series in order to enjoy it; you will be able to appreciate the way she fills in the back story just enough to let you in on the previous stories without interfering with the flow of the new story. But go get the others anyway; they are well worth the time and money.

Book Blurb for Changing Room

On their tenth wedding anniversary, Edie and Jack vowed to reinvigorate their sex life and save their marriage through randomly selected fantasies. They’ve each had a turn but now the games are escalating, and Edie and Jack are growing bolder.

Edie’s always wanted Jack to pay a little more personal attention to her. Acting as her personal shopper—picking out clothes to mold her curves, skimming his hands along her skin to check fit—should provide ample opportunity for him to pay attention to every tiny detail. Best of all, they don’t even have to leave the house, or her closet, for the fantasy. But Jack won’t settle for anything less than authentic. Edie better brace herself for Jack’s very personal, and very public, attention.

An Exotika® contemporary interracial erotica story from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 5.00