Cat and Mouse

Handcuffs and Lace

Tagging is her life. Layla is a street girl who knows how to navigate her way through the East London neighborhoods like the back of her hand. She has had a hard life and only wishes to exist to make her place in the world the only way that she can. And if that means that she needs to tag every building with her signature then so be it. It is not just the thrill of marking up a building that keeps her going though, being chased by a very sexy police officer adds an extra un expecting but pleasant thrill to her dim life.

Cat and Mouse story takes place in present day East London, England where Layla, the main protagonist, haunts. Layla is a young women with a troubled past and an uncertain future. She was a child of the foster care system who spends most of her days squatting in a deplorably inadequate housing situation with other graduates of the foster care system. At night though, she spends her time tagging beautiful artwork across the ghetto that she calls home. Her rout existence does not bother her all that much because she gets to do what she loves and never has to answer to no one; that is until she meets Adam.

Adam is an up and coming police officer who loves to follow the rules. He has been chasing after Layla for months but cannot seem to catch her. Their first meeting ended with a kiss that leaves him craving for her touch. everywhere. Adam knows that he should be more focused on catching more serious criminals but he cannot resist her charm. What starts out as a game of wills deepens overtime into a meaningful and trusting relationship for both characters. Adam just needs to prove to Layla that fully trusting in him will not lead to more heartbreak.

I absolutely adored this story. This is the first book that I have read by Justine Elyot but I can guarantee you that it will not be the last. It is a perfect summer read: it is quick, light and fun without testing the reader's intelligence by over-simplifying or trying too hard to be something that it is not. The characters are instantly engaging, the romance was a classic opposites story but with a fresh enough twist to keep me enthralled, while the story felt a little rushed at the end, the story overall was an exceedingly charming read that I would recommend for anyone to pick up.

Book Blurb for Cat and Mouse

For Layla, it's a game. Scaling the highest buildings in her patch of East London so she can tag them with her signature takes her mind off the grim realities of her life.

For police officer Adam, it's an obsession. Ever since their first encounter ended in an unexpected kiss, he has burned to pursue and capture the light-footed Layla.

But she knows her territory very well, and the chase proves both exhilarating and frustrating—until the game turns deadly serious, and Layla is forced to realize that she can't rely on her own resources forever. Will Adam persuade her to step out of the shadows and take a chance on love with the man she has seen for so long as her nemesis?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.50