Canyon Shadows

Canyon Shadows is the first book that I have read by Vonna Harper in a while; nothing other than personal reasons have kept me from reading her books more often than I should have. Ms. Harper is an excellent writer who expertly blends smoldering eroticism with high-tensioned thrillers or original romances. So when I saw this title I knew that I had to read it. Canyon Shadows is a well-written, if a little overly drawn out, romantic suspense that will easily let you indulge in a romance that will envelop all of your senses.

What I loved about these characters is that fact that they are relatable characters presented with flaws and all without an elaborate working of the story so that you feel sorry for the main protagonist. Shari and Maco have dark pasts that they are slowly but surely getting over. There attraction one another is almost instant but Ms. Harper places them on a burner and increasingly turns up the heat on this couple until both are fully ready to burst. But they are not just creating sexual chemistry but the foundation for a believable romance between these two. I was a little underwhelmed by the suspenseful aspect of this story, having pretty much predicted the final outcome half way through the book, but this can be overlooked because of other parts of the book that hold this book together. The attention to detail that she had with dog training and the environmental aspects of the story are compelling; her affinity for animals-especially dogs- is most readily apparent. Strong individual protagonist, excellent intuitive and dialogue makes this book an enjoyable reading.

Canine trainer, Shari Afton, has been contacted by cattle rancher Maco Durant to train to guard dogs to protect his to protect his latest project. Shari’s response to Maco is pleasurable but unexpected. When Maco arrives at her place the next day he is met with an injured dog and an angry and scared Shari; he immediately calls the authorities and comes to Shari and the dogs rescue. As Shari and Maco begin to work together to figure out whether or not they are being stalked by angry local ranchers who oppose Maco’s project, environmental activists who are willing to do anything to stop Maco, or a malevolent force from Shari’s past that is insistent on making its way out of the shadows of the past. As the couple slowly but surely begins to trust one another, they will stop at nothing to find and stop the person or people who are tormenting them. But there enemy is just as determined to make sure that they both end up dead.

Book Blurb for Canyon Shadows


Canine trainer Shari Afton can't deny the shiver of pleasure that runs through her at the sound of Maco Durant's sexy voice over the phone. Seems that trouble has followed this Wyoming rancher to Oregon, and he wants two of her guard dogs for protection. And she wants to see the cowboy face-to-face…


As she waits for Maco, the last thing Shari expects is the sound of a gunshot. When Maco arrives, Shari puts on a brave front, but the shooting brings back vivid memories of her past and she can barely control her emotions around this rugged stranger…


Maco's concern awakens an intimate place deep inside that Shari has almost forgotten. With one touch, he ignites her erotic desire, and within his strong, masculine embrace, she surrenders to a wild ride in the saddle, western style…

WARNING! This is a REALLY HOT book. (Sexually Explicit)

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.00