Broken Shadows

The Shadowminds, #3

"Broken Shadows" took a bit for me to get into it, but once I did, I was glad I finished it. "Broken Shadows" is an interesting urban fantasy with lots of potential, but not attractive enough to have me craving to finish the book in one sitting.

The main issues I had with the book were the imagery and Mina. I never got a good feel for what anyone looked like. Vague details were scattered throughout the story but I felt that more attention could have been paid to describe what the characters looked like.

My issue with Mina is simply that she does not take a proactive role in a story that she is supposed to be a lead in. I felt that she spent more time complaining about her situation than trying to find a workable solution to her problems herself. She has lots of support from friends, which is lovely, but some of the action should have been dictated by her. I wish that Jackson was completely removed from the story and Mina took over his role in the story. I felt zero chemistry between the two, and their romance felt forced and added nothing to the story.

Even with those issues I would still reluctantly recommend the title due to the fast pacing and interesting plot, but I think the story could have been so much better.

Book Blurb for Broken Shadows

Everyone has a breaking point.

Mina Tanner was once a converter, a human with telekinetic and telepathic abilities. After a vicious mental assault by an evil shadowmind stripped her of her powers, she was forced to flee her home to escape her attacker. Now, she's trying to start a new life in San Francisco, far away from any and all reminders of the gifts she grew up using.

But her precariously balanced "normal" life topples as her apartment and her job fall victim to a new luxury development. Jackson Herring, an old family friend and powerful converter, offers Mina his spare bedroom while she gets on her feet, and she agrees…reluctantly. Mina's finding it difficult enough to adjust without a daily reminder of what she's lost, especially when that reminder is six-foot-four, super-talented and gorgeous.

When a mugger attacks her and she somehow burns his hands, Mina realizes that despite everything she's lost, she may have gained something far more powerful—and dangerous—than she ever imagined. And when the rest of the shadowmind community learns about it, Mina will find herself on the run once again.

Book three of The Shadowminds

93,000 words

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 3.00