Bitten in the Big Easy

Femme Noir, #1

I have only read may two or three f/f erotic romances before and so decided that since I have enjoyed previous works by both authors I would enjoy this one. And for the most part I really enjoyed Bitten in the Big Easy. The Csintalan sisters are unique and likeable characters in their own right. The sex scenes were nicely paced and intensely erotic without going overboard with the violence and gore associated with vampire sex scenes. There was nothing even close to gross about these sex scenes.

These are two separate stories that star the vampire sisters Elena and Narcissa but I decided to review them together because that is how the book was formatted- the second relies on the first to make sense. I liked the use of vampire lore without it being so referential that it comes off as stealing. I liked the development and pacing of both stories. You knew it was going to be a short story but the way that the stories progressed was easy to get into and very hard to put down. I loved that all of the characters are strong capable woman who are self-possessed, or at least can fake it in front of others.

The only problem I has was the ending. It came off a little cheesy but that can be forgiven because overall the writing was so compelling that one can allow little flaws. But if the next book ends the same way I may be a little less forgiving. I highly recommend this book.

Side note: Was Butterfly supposed to remind me of Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Rapace's version) or am I just too obsessed with the Swedish books and movies. Lol

Book Blurb for Bitten in the Big Easy

Butterfly by Paisley Smith

Vampire Narcissa Csintalan is in a New Orleans bar, waiting on her tardy sister Elena, when she develops a raging fang-on for the bar's sinfully sexy, butch bass player. The bite marks on the songbird's neck put her at the top of Cissy's must-feed list.

Butterfly Baudelaire has sworn off strays, but the blonde coming on to her has a killer pair of fangs and looks like she knows how to use 'em. Butterfly's not banking on the bite Cissy takes out of her heart--or the fact more than her well-spanked bottom is in danger from her vampire lover.

Gilded Cage by Delilah Devlin

Since her turning, Elena Csintalan has wrestled her inner demon on a nightly basis. She never expects her limits to be tested--until she finds herself drawn to a tawny woman whose lush curves make her eyeteeth spike. Before she knows it, she's dangling inside an iron cage, one that's frighteningly familiar. And the punishment she endures is oh so divine...

Despite a surprising empathy she feels for the vampire she's captured, Cassia proceeds with her coven's plan--drain Elena of her blood at the height of orgasm to complete a potion that will protect them from Elena's maker. Cassia scried the darkness coming their way, and the monster has a name...the Countess Elizabeth Bathory.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.00