Bared Essentials

CC is a young successful lawyer who has just got out of a hellish marriage. Her best friend Brooke tricks her into going to a clothes optional resort on hopes that she will begin to loosen the bonds that her ex-husband had on her for far too long. Staying in paradise and falling in love seems like the last thing that CC would ever want but an irrepressible and supportive best friend and a long denied sexy male co-worker will quickly show her that sometimes we don’t want is exactly what we really need.

I thought this story was adorable. There were a few flaws that distracted from the story: incorrect word usage, awkward transitions, cheesy dialogue, but overall this is a really cute premise with likeable characters. The way that the author chooses to reveal the relationship that the characters have to one another is a little backward. The story starts with the characters already on the island. We do not know who the characters are or why they are there until halfway through the story. And then the details are parceled out so sparingly that I had to go back several times just to make sure that my understanding of the plot was correct. Another negative is that the story is uneven; there are parts to the story that are more convincing than others. I can easily believe CC’s apprehension with just hooking up with a random male at the resort and her lack of confidence in herself but I felt that Stephon’s instant lust/love with the CC was a little too forced and sudden. The reason for his initial meeting with her is not necessarily romantic at all and at first seems selfish and slightly insulting but by the end he won me over. The CC and Stephon are cut together and when they are not being overly emotional are relatable and simply work well together. You can see why they are attracted to one another once they get to know each other you will root for them. They and this story are one of those couples that have an insidious way of getting under your skin and sticking with you even after the story is over.

Bared Essentials for all its decadent and erotic sex scenes is a sweet and simple (sometimes bordering on cheesy) romance. I did not think that I would like this story because of the well-trod road that this story has taken. A “woman leaves town after ending an unhappy marriage and finds love in paradise” has been done many times before this story, and will more than likely continue to be a popular tale long after I can no longer read. But after a while this story grew on me. It is nothing more than a quick read so enjoy it while it lasts!

Book Blurb for Bared Essentials

Attorney Carin Cross, better known as CC, has just emerged from the marriage from hell. After the divorce, her best friend tricks her into visiting a clothing-optional resort, aptly named Bared Essentials. CC is not happy and lets everyone around her know her feelings. She makes up her mind to stay behind closed doors until it’s time to go home, that is until she runs into the man she’s fantasized about, Stephon Hill.

Stephon is a hard-working attorney who treasures his secret forays to the island. The last person he expected to see at the resort is CC, the woman of his dreams. Acting upon mutual attraction, the pair begins a torrid affair on the island. Almost as soon as it starts though, CC has doubts about them. Why would a gorgeous man like him want her?

Stephon must act quickly to convince CC she’s more than an island fling to him. But can he overcome her seriously flawed self-esteem and show her they’re made for each other?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.50